Dr Alf’s Two Cents: Olli Rehn EU Economics Commissioner visits the Fairies

EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner

EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being a UK citizen, with strong political views, and living in Cyprus, I never thought that I would be in agreement with both Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel, respectively presidents of France and Germany! However, I agree that it is time for Olli Rehn to go. Olli Rehn is  a Finnish politician, currently serving as European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Euro and vice president of the European Commission. Of course, the joint press release of Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel was coded; it proposed replacing Olli Rehn’s job with a permanent role.

I have been quietly following the Twitter feed on Olli Rehn for a number of months and it has not been flattering, in my view.

When I saw the publication of the following keynote speech from Olli Rehn at the Brussels Economic Forum, I was was pleased to be able to have some hard evidence on which to measure the effectiveness of Olli Rehn’s performance. The following speech is a RECOMMENDED READ, in my view. Check it out!

via EUROPA – PRESS RELEASES – Press Release – Speech: Keynote speech by Olli Rehn at the Brussels Economic Forum.

Did you manage to read the whole speech or did you give up? Or were you struggling to understanding what Olli Rehn was talking about?

For me, the speech was rambling, disjointed, short on evidence, and uninspiring. More fundamentally, I believe that Mr. Rehn is personally responsible for millions and millions of people being unemployed unnecessarily across Europe. Most respectable economists and belatedly the IMF agree that austerity measures in Europe have been too severe; they argue that short-term, fiscal stimulation should be deployed to reflate economies, leaving fiscal adjustment to the medium term – they argue in favor of massive public investment in infrastructure, especially in Southern Europe.

Clearly, Olli Rehn has become the austerian bogyman. This year, austerian economics has been totally discredited, indeed trashed, by mainstream economists and the IMF. So why does Mr. Rehn cling to a discredited argument?

If you have been able to read the speech fully, you will have noted that Mr. Rehn favors the increase of the Brussels bureaucracy as his central mission. For me, there is ample evidence that the Brussels bureaucracy has destroyed effective competition and free trade. More importantly Mr. Rehn and his Brussels bureaucrats are a road-block to effective recovery in Europe. Let me quote directly from the speech:

In other words, the first-best world of economic science is not always at our disposal in the second-best world of political reality. That said, there is no need to fall back into the third-best world of intergovernmentalism.

Personally, I think that Olli Rehn and his Brussels bureaucrats are spending too much time with the fairies. It’s time for hard-headed national leaders to bash some sense in the Brussels bureaucracy. Most importantly, Olli Rehn needs to go. Mr. Rehn’s successor needs to have a passion for:

  • Re-energizing Europe
  • Getting Europe back to work
  • Increasing Europe’s competitiveness
  • Increasing Europe’s skill-base, especially languages for BRICS countries
  • Promoting quality infrastructure, like the Cypriot offshore gas and oil industry which could supply a third of Europe gas needs
  • Cutting out waste and bureaucracy across Europe

Any thoughts?

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  6. Alf,
    Thanks again for an interesting read.

    After reading this I’m able to classify my own views. Seems I may be an Austerian Libertarian.

    I am not sure I like the label.

    Have a great week.


    • Adam,

      You are most welcome!

      I take your point about labels. In an expanding economy I too am an Austerian Libertarian but in a major recession I favor some short-term demand management from central government. That leads to more labels “supply-siders” and “demand-siders”

      Have a great weekend!


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