Dr Alf’s Two Cents: The Tories will never triumph with five chairmen at the helm – Peter Obone – Telegraph

Boris Johnson graffiti

Boris Johnson graffiti (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This story by Peter Obone, the veteran writer at the Telegraph is an INTERESTING READ. Check it out!

The Tories will never triumph with five chairmen at the helm – Telegraph.

Personally, I continue to be disappointed with Peter Obone’s writing, and once again think that it is time for him to step aside, retire, and give way to younger blood. If you read this article carefully, it’s a disjointed hotchpotch of fact, gossip and opinion, with Boris Johnson thrown in as the prize.

For me, Peter Obone misses the obvious open question:

Surely Boris Johnson would be wise to keep his powder dry and wait for a moment of national necessity to announce his challenge to David Cameron?

Any thoughts?

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