The Trouble Within Islam by Tony Blair – Project Syndicate

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blair was...

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blair was subjected to calls for impeachment during his time in office. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article by Tony Blair, former UK Prime Minister, is a MUST READ recommendation, in my view. Check it out!

via The Trouble Within Islam by Tony Blair – Project Syndicate.

Personally, I have always been of the view that Tony Blair was an excellent statesman and this article brought it all back. Many still criticize Tony Blair’s period in office and his personal accumulation of wealth since leaving office. However, for me Tony Blair has a brilliant communication skills and this wide ranging article is vintage Blair.

By way of comparison, image us fast forwarding ten years. Can you imagine David Cameron writing a similar article on one of the World’s greatest challenges in 2023?

Any thoughts?

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  8. Personally I think Tony Blair has enormous chutzpah to be talking in this way given his illegal war in Iraq in which 775,000 people died,billions of pounds worth of damage was caused,1 million people were made into homeless refugees and many of our young fighting men have been killed and injured.
    As a result of that war which was fought on the basis of the lie which suggested that Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction” the UK,s credibility was damaged and now we have a situation in which Iraq is descending into civil war and 400 cases of prisoner abuse have emerged and been paid out on by the MOD with a further 850 cases waiting in the wings.
    Afghanistan was targeted by the Neocons in America as far back as the late 1990,s and this same Tony Blair colluded to invade that country at least a full year before the Twin Towers fell.
    The reasons we were given by Tony Blair and George W Bush were completely bogus and this time were about a “War on Terror”.
    The real reasons included but not exclusively ,the following:
    –Building the Turkmenistan oil pipeline
    –Capturing the mineral wealth of that country in the form of copper and lithium deposits worth $6 trillion USD and with the assistance of the Chinese use the money to prop up the US dollar
    –Build 15 bases which could be manned by XE(formerly Blackwater) as a staging post to encircle Eurasia.
    The Afghan war which has not yet finished has seen 100,000 Afghans die ,the Taliban become the de facto masters of the country,heroin production increase 12 fold under Hamid Karzai the Afghan President who is an American puppet with a brother who is a major drug baron.
    We also have more casualties in the form of our dead soldiers plus those permanently maimed and driven to alchoholism,depression and rough sleeping to the point where nearly 50% of all homeless people are ex servicemen,many of them in rags under the roudabout near Waterloo Station.
    Because of all these things young Muslim men have become radicalised and because immigration has been out of control for many decades we now have 4.5 million illegal immigrants based on the number of notes and coins in circulation and on the amount of food purchased in supermarkets.
    The charges that one can level against some radicalised and troublesome Muslims are as follows:
    –A failure to integrate properly or at all
    –A desire by some to impose Sharia law or even a new Caliphate
    –A desire to change the essential character of the country by building or having funded by Saudi Arabia and other countries ,large numbers of Mosques
    Our leaders including people like Tony Blair have allowed this to happen and under the secret Druid,Dr Rowan Williams the former Archbishop of Canterbury calls for a “limited application of Sharia law” were made.
    Tony Blair did nothing to stop these remarks and made no attempt to sack this disgraceful Archbishop who fails even now to understand that our laws are based on Judeo Christian ethics and that Sharia law has no place in the UK whatsoever although they have their place in countries like Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.
    The police ,under the guidance of the Home Office and in his day,Tony Blair,fail to do their job by not arresting Muslim clerics and their followers preaching sedition inside and outside Mosques and Tony Blair and his successors have failed to revoke the charitable status of Mosques where sedition and breaches of the 1318 Treason Act occur on a regular basis.
    Tony Blair by allowing all this to happen deliberately created the situation in which the problems he writes about have occurred and worsened under his successors who like him are complacent and unthinking about the future consequences of inaction which he and they of course will not experience.

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