NSA began domestic spying prior to 9/11 attacks

I am reblogging this article from fellow-blogger Mike Thomsen. I am not sure that I entirely agree with Mike’s conclusion, namely:

“So, in this case the government used its ability to grant or deny contracts to companies to coerce cooperation with their plan to violate our rights. Big Government + Big Business = Fascism. Plain and Simple.”

For me, fascism is much, much, worse than the necon policies of the former US President George W Bush.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Fascism has many variants and the vast majority are worst than the Neo-Con policies of Bush-Cheny. However, coerced collaboration between powerful government and business organizations especially to pervert or at least evade the law is the foundation of a Fascist regime. Obama has continued these wretched Bush-Cheney programs. We’re well on our way to government domination of the population through Big Government-Big Business partnerships. This morning, for example, the Obama Administration claims absolute authority over the travel plans of a single individual, Ed Snowden, asserting that to travel he must have a valid US passport and then is demanding that no one permit him to travel.

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