Snowden, Through the Eyes of a Spy Novelist –

This is a MUST READ from the NYT. Check it out!


via Snowden, Through the Eyes of a Spy Novelist –


The New York Times

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Germany blasts Britain over GCHQ’s secret cable trawl | UK news | The Guardian

This is a MUST READ article from the Guardian. Check it out!

via Germany blasts Britain over GCHQ’s secret cable trawl | UK news | The Guardian.

Yesterday, we saw China challenge the US over its spying activities and later it was reported that President Putin was prepared to offer Russian protection to Edward Snowden; although following US pressure Putin later said that Snowden was merely in transit. In the latest twist in this saga, Germany has challenged the UK about infringing privacy rights of German citizens. Here is a flavor:

The German justice minister, in her letters to Grayling and May, asks for clarification of the legal basis for Project Tempora and demands to know whether “concrete suspicions” trigger the data collection or whether the vast quantities of global email, Facebook postings, internet histories and phone calls are being held for up to 30 days as part of a general trawl.

It seems that German citizens have been seriously angered by the US/UK spying activities. Germany, of course, has the powerful Federal Constitutional Court of Germany to protect its citizens and the German Government always responds to it with care and respect.

In further twists, we hear that the UK has been blocking European moves for great privacy rules in Europe. Finally, the article picks up an attack from David Davis, the UK MP:

Writing in the Guardian, the former Conservative leadership contender David Davis disputes that view, saying Britain’s intelligence agencies are only subject to law in theory.

He accuses GCHQ of circumventing “inconvenient laws” by handing over personal data to the US and raises the prospect of “extremely serious violation” of the rights of British citizens over the use of their personal data.

Personally, I think that Germany has been right to challenge David Cameron’s Government for debasing privacy. However, I am saddened that David Cameron’s Government seems to be giving  so little weight to  individual liberties .

As a final open question I ask:

What ever happened to the traditional values of the UK Conservative Party?

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Any thoughts?

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