Dementia cure by 2020 can help save the NHS, says Hunt – Telegraph

Fiscal policy

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This article by By Laura Donnelly, Health Correspondent at the Telegraph is a VERY INTERESTING READ. Check it out!

via Dementia cure by 2020 can help save the NHS, says Hunt – Telegraph.

Personally, I have never really been impressed by Jeremy Hunt, the UK Health Minister. It’s a question of confidence; he’s never struck me as having the leadership skills to transform the NHS.

However, this article caught my attention and my imagination. Is it seriously possible that the UK could lead to World with a dementia cure by 2020?

The cynic in me questions whether this is just more David Cameron magic, with smoke and mirrors?

To make matters more realistic, I would like to see huge economic stimulus for successful research and development in national priority areas; a cure for dementia could be the first on the list. How would the stimulus work? How about tax credits for successful research and development? For example, imagine if the Government granted a five-year tax-free holiday for all the profits on the dementia cure?

One of the fundamental weaknesses of the UK economy in recent years has been under-investment, with large corporates still hoarding cash according to Gavyn Davies. There is enormous potential for fiscal policy incentives to stimulate investment. Letting my imagination really run, I came to the following open question:

Is it really possible for David Cameron’s government to effectively reform the UK economy with radical and imaginative fiscal policy?

Any thoughts?

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