NHS 65th anniversary: my vision for the future of the NHS | David Cameron – LinkedIn

This is a MUST READ article from UK Prime Minister, David Cameron. Check it out!

NHS 65th anniversary: my vision for the future of the NHS | LinkedIn.

Three years ago, David Cameron might have just got away with this type of visionary statement but surely not today?

With daily headlines that the NHS is in terminal meltdown directly because of the policies of David Cameron’s Government, surely smoke and mirrors is not enough?

For two years, this blog has been arguing for the UK Government to articulate joined up vision, policy, strategy and implementation; sadly, the Government has screwed things up badly, with ineffective economic policies. Indeed, David Cameron has succeeded in the Economist comparing the UK’s investment to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Any thoughts?

At a health march

At a health march (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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