UK NHS in Terminal Meltdown under Cameron – Top News Stories


NHS BMW RRV (Photo credit: kenjonbro)

Here is my selection of top news stories on the NHS

published in the last twenty-four hours. They are MUST READ articles, in my view.Check them out!

If you still  need more convincing, take a very careful look at the Department of Health’s business plan for the next three years and also David Cameron’s vision for the future of NHS.

For me, the evidence is overwhelming; David Cameron‘s Government, the NHS bureaucrats, aided by expensive business consultants, have triggered the terminal meltdown of the NHS. Professionals, like doctors and nurses, will be increasingly marginalized and ineffective because of rising bureaucracy.

This leads me, very sadly, to the following open question:

Surely it’s time for UK political leaders to plan the replacement of the NHS based on Best Practice in other countries?

Any thoughts please?

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