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Lunar House which housed the headquarters of the Home Office Border and Immigration Agency (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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United Kingdom: stamp (Photo credit: Sem Paradeiro)


I thank Dr Alf for re-blogging the article entitled “Immigration backlog of 500,000 cases will take 37 years to clear say MPs”  published by The Guardian. Personally, I see this story as symptomatic of a much wider challenge. In order for me to share my views, I need to take a historical or longitudinal perspective to the problem. I appreciate that not everybody will share my views but am happy to be challenged.

I doubt that the problem will ever end because large numbers of British employers no longer wish to employ their own countrymen and woman, and would rather give jobs to better educated and more productive Eastern Europeans. This is very similar to British colonial rule in Malaysia,  when the colonial administration imported Chinese and Indian labor because they thought that the local Malays were lazy.

More recently, the productivity of British workers fell by 20% since the Olympic Games to about 20th in the world and 16% below the average for the G7 (Source: ONS) and has not recovered since despite the historic Andy Murray men’s tennis singles victory at Wimbledon which was supposed to galvanize the nation out of its torpor and “graceful loser ” mentality.

The late Enoch Powell discovered the Home Office fiddling immigration figures in the 1950′s, long before his apocalyptic “Rivers of Blood” speech, and it was his constant uncovering of this fact which caused the end of his political career despite the reasons given by the then Conservative Prime Minister, Edward Heath.

During that period about 50 years ago, following the arrival of the ship called” the Windrush” large numbers of Afro Caribbean people were brought into the UK to work as hospital porters, bus conductors, ward orderlies and school dinner ladies in the Secondary Modern school system. This was work indigenous UK workers did not want to do but despite this these black immigrants faced prejudice and often outright hostility from the host population.

At the same time, Harold MacMillan had promised to build the British people 3 million council houses but not enough Englishmen wanted to make bricks. Once again, foreigners were brought in to do the work, this time from Southern Italy.

At about this time, Government scientists and actuaries from what was then the DTI were tasked by Harold MacMillan to find out how many people the country could support. The secret answer was 25 million people with an absolute upper limit of 35 million, based on the financial and physical resources of the country.

On VE day, after all the carnage of World War II, the UK population stood at 40 million, so the civil servants came up with the wheeze of selling off surplus white population to countries like Australia and Canada which were physically much larger and needed people. In secrecy, which has lasted to this day, the Home Office came up with a price which the Australians and Canadians agreed on £2,695 gbp per man, woman and child accepted whilst what they publicly said was that each migrant accepted by the Governments concerned would receive a £10 gbp bounty. The Australians with their plain-spoken ways came up with the term £10 gbp “Pom” to describe these incoming Britons.

The previous Labour Government, concerned by a shortage of construction workers and dentists, encouraged Polish migration before the inception of E-Borders an electronic system developed by Raytheon Corporation in America and assisted by BT Global Services in the UK to “count passport holders in and out of the country”.

The Home Office Minister, at the time, lied when he said that only 13,000 Poles would come into the UK when in fact the figure ended up being 1 million.

E-Borders then went live and the Home Office lied again, by saying it did not know how many illegal immigrants were in the country. The figure is 4.5 million people and rising rapidly so that the real UK population is about 70 million plus, rather than the ONS figure of 63.5 million. We know this to be the case because the amount of notes and coins in circulation is greater than it should be for the official population and we know this because the amount of food purchased in supermarkets and the VAT element on the delivery costs of that food to supermarkets is known as are the number of freight movements needed to supply supermarket depots with enough food to feed a population of a given number of people. Similarly school enrollment of children whose parents have not been registered with the authorities have cause closed schools to have to be reopened in places like Slough and Peterborough where the racial mix of Peterborough is now 35% Polish.

During the last recession, half the Poles returned home but were replaced by Romanians and Bulgarians, Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians.

In addition, there are 250,000 illegal immigrants coming in each year assisted by Snakeheads in China, rogue Mosques selling passports and ID, Nigerian and other organised criminals from India, Pakistan, Eastern Europe and the Middle East and the fact that 19 million spare NI numbers exist and can be purchased in public houses for a few hundred pounds.

David Cameron is said to want to widen EU membership to include Turkey and the Ukraine so if he and his Bilderberger friends, who he met at the Bilderberg 2013 Conference at the Grove Hotel in Watford, get their way we could soon see a UK with 100 million people in it with the indigenous population outnumbered in a new form of quasi Islamic Caliphate as has already happened in Leicester, Bradford, Luton, Wolverhampton, Birmingham and parts of London.

With the average British male buying his first house at age 38 and at best having one partner and 2 children one can see why with a replacement rate of 1.88 (it needs to be 2.4),the indigenous population within 35 years will be overwhelmed and rendered extinct in the next 50 unless something is done to reverse the trend.

In contrast, non indigenous people choose to marry much earlier, perhaps as young as 18 to 22 and have larger families. They are able to do so through financial assistance from family members, mosques and places of religious worship and a culture of saving, dowries and handed down wealth.

John Gelmini

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An in Depth Look at Deleveragings – Ray Dalio – Bridgewater

No Growth, Easy Money - The New Normal?: Ray Dalio

No Growth, Easy Money – The New Normal?: Ray Dalio (Photo credit: World Economic Forum)

This is an excellent article looking at good, bad and ugly deleveraging experiences over the last century. It is written by Ray Dalio, billionaire,  head of the World’s largest hedge fund operator, Bridewater Associates. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND this article for a deeper understanding of the deleveraging debate underpinning the argument of the austerian politicians in the  US, the UK and Germany.

Open this link to read the article which is in PDF format.

The article is quite long but easy to read with lots of interesting colored charts.

Based on historic precedent, I think that there is hard evidence that austerity has been too severe in many countries since the financial collapse in 2008, especially in the UK and Southern Europe.

Good national economic house-keeping as advocated by Germany makes excellent sense but as this article explains there are different rates of pain associated with different deleveraging strategies; also and most critically because of the Euro and the European Commission, Southern European countries do not have a full range of economic policy tools, both in terms of fiscal and monetary policy.

Any thoughts?


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