BBC News – India’s plan to become a leading olive oil producer

European flag outside the Commission

European flag outside the Commission (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Olives in olive oil.

English: Olives in olive oil. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is an interesting story from the BBC which is RECOMMENDED READING, in my view. Check it out!

via BBC News – India’s plan to become a leading olive oil producer.

My mind drifted to Southern Europe, the traditional home of olive oil production. Sadly, because of distorted policies like the Common Agricultural Policy which favors France and excessive focus on austerity, Southern Europe’s traditional industries seem to be dying, strangled for cash for working capital and investment.

This article should be a wake-up call to the European Commission but I fear that the Mediterranean olive groves will wither first.

Any thoughts?

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  1. The EU has already saddled us with environmental taxes and drones on about “food miles” whilst our Government “gold plates” regulations and allows 5000 of our farmers to go bankrupt every year and 100 or more to commit suicide.
    These are facts it does not publicise but Deloittes produced the figures on bankrupcies and the Samaritans have long worried about how to combat farmers committing suicide because farmers find it difficult to relate to anyone other than other farmers.
    India has huge amounts of land,low labour costs and a reason to grow olives and other produce for a fraction of European prices.
    The EU with its insistence on making the place uncompetitive via totally unnecessary environmental taxes with the exception of Germany and Holland will put more people out of work in a process of deindustrialisation which was planned long ago.
    In this context it is interesting to note that that the IPPC Report did not include shipping movements in its original figures on emissions a fact picked up on by Lord Lawson in his analysis of Global Warming a phenomenon which he rightly concluded to be a myth or at worst something that can be dealt with through adaptation.
    For a very long time it has been clear that the practice of outsourcing to the Indian subcontinent and the Far East was a way to lower costs and create investment opportunities that benefitted a tiny group of plutocrats like Lord Rothschild.
    The same thing happens by osmosis when the Indian Government can see Southern Europe is in financial trouble and strangling its own industries like olive oil production and then goes into the same business to exploit the situation.
    Now we see the effects of Globalisation in action combined with foreign aid to countries like India of £1 billion gbp a year when 365,000 of our own people rummage in dumpsters and attend food banks and the Knights of Malta open new ones all over Europe.
    Globalisation which encourages this sort of thing needs to be replaced with a system of reasonable tarriffs to protect our industries and jobs buttressed by the wider application of 3D printing,robotics , total self sufficiency in food for the UK and Western Europe.
    This and the immediate replacement of politicians like David Cameron,Francois Hollande,Ed Miliband,Simon Hughes et al who are deliberately allowing this sort of thing to happen.

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