NHS inquiry: Shaming of health service as care crisis is laid bare – Telegraph

NHS Warning

NHS Warning (Photo credit: michaelhenley)

This is an excellent MUST READ article by Laura Donnelly and Patrick Sawer, reported in the Telegraph. Check it out!

via NHS inquiry: Shaming of health service as care crisis is laid bare – Telegraph.

Apart from further disgraceful revelations about the NHS, what’s new? Well, the crisis has now turned political with David Cameron blaming the previous Labour Government. Cameron was forced to organize an enquiry but now it has backfired with the severity of the findings. Cameron has been Prime Minister for three years, so ducking and diving is not enough.

Who is to blame for this growing crisis? In my view, it’s quite simple:

  • Both current and the previous governments
  • MPs
  • Department of Health
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • NHS bureaucrats
  • Local authorities
  • Media

In fact, the only people not responsible are the poor public who have suffered disgraceful service from the NHS. However, there is another thought. Perhaps, the well-behaved UK public have been too tolerant of the political classes and it is time for them to say “enough is enough”?

Any thoughts?

Finally, perhaps the photo of the NHS warning above should be targeted at the NHS itself?

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