Youth Unemployment Statistics – OECD

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Check out the latest unemployment statistics from OECD for so called rich countries, especially youth unemployment. This is a MUST READ, in my view.

via Youth Unemployment Statistics – OECD.

The OECD statistical extracts are an excellent source of up to date hard data. The raw data can easily be downloaded graphed or trended.

For me, the data immediately highlighted the failure of the austerian politicians in Washington, London and Berlin. Too much austerity is directly correlated to youth unemployment, especially in Southern Europe.

Any thoughts?

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  1. What fusses me here is correlation versus causation. Yes, where there is austerity the youth unemployment has risen. Would that have happened without austerity or was it caused by austerity? If we get the answer to that sort of question wrong we end up making matters worse.

    I believe that we have to get national and personal debt under control no matter what the cost. However, we should also be making it easier for those who will provide the employment in future to get their businesses started/expanded. Is not employment the best way of sharing prosperity? So, I suggest less regulation and simpler taxation so that business administration costs are cut should have been made at the same time. This is not a charter for the fat cats but a charter for fuller employment.

    • Rodney,

      Thanks for sharing your views.

      Too much austerity has certainly made unemployment worse!

      Big businesses have been sitting on their hands guarding cash mountains – there’s an urgent need for aggressive fiscal policy to get them moving.

      Small businesses are still deprived of cash for working capital and investment – the banking system is still not working despite record shares prices led by the banks; so the banking sector needs an aggressive shake-down too, in my view.


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