A Grim Employment Forecast for Europe – Economist (Video)

One of a number of posters created by the Econ...

One of a number of posters created by the Economic Cooperation Administration to promote the Marshall Plan in Europe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the Economist, the OECD annual employment forecast makes for some sombre reading. The Economists correspondents say that  Europe’s policy makers should focus on creating demand.

A grim employment forecast for Europe 

For me the article focused on the need for:

  • Demand management
  • Right kind of market reforms

Any thoughts?

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2 responses

  1. My problem is that the two things that are of prime importance no longer seem to make any sense: politics and economics.

    May I suggest that all that economics has really shown us is that we are beset by unexpected consequences no matter which model has been followed (if, indeed, these models are based on science and not art). Meanwhile, we are beginning to have clear evidence that politicians have little power in a free enter[rise state compared to those in free enterprise in that state.

    So, yes, I see troubles ahead unless we see a new, clear and rationally based way of controlling the way the world works.

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