Elderly care revolution as state-backed insurance scheme announced | Society | The Guardian

United Kingdom

United Kingdom (Photo credit: stumayhew)

This is MUST READ article. by , social affairs editor at the Guardian. Check it out!

Elderly care revolution as state-backed insurance scheme announced | Society | The Guardian.

This latest initiative from the, crisis torn, UK Coalition Government, looks very complex and unworkable to me, with high risks to effective implementation.

Any thoughts?


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  2. It will never work.
    The average cost of a stay in a local authority care home is £100,000 gbp a year plus and typically old people in that environment last 3 years and then die.
    A £72,000 gbp cap will therefore not help even assuming local authorities had the money,which they don’t because 50% of county council,unitary authority ,metropolitan borough,London borough and City council budgets are already consumed by Adult Social Care costs.
    This is without factoring in the 1.25 million woman who already have early stage dementia and the additional numbers of people with diabetes who could well go blind whilst in care.
    Insurance for long term care is very expensive and nett disposable income for an average family of 4 was £97 gbp in 2012 and is lower now.
    The wealthy will be excluded anyway so where is the money to come from?
    More radical solutions are needed now:
    –Transfer those Adult Social Care recipients without relatives to India and Thailand where care costs are much lower
    –Aggressively re-enable as many first time Adult Social Care recipients as possible
    –Use robots in care homes for lifting,feeding,toileting,bed turning and showering patients
    –Impose variable taxes on foods
    –Use the ESD toolkit /CRM to identify those at risk of becoming Adult Social Care recipients and then divert them onto a path of diet,exercise and sustained weight loss before they become a financial burden to the taxpayer
    –Merge the Adult Social Care and NHS budgets ,rationalise and make savings on duplication,inefficiency and people

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