A ruthless Russia and a spineless Europe | Gideon Rachman – FT

Subregions of Europe (UN geoscheme)

Subregions of Europe (UN geoscheme) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a brilliant, no nonsense, MUST-READ article, from Gideon Rachman in the FT.

via A ruthless Russia and a spineless Europe | The World.

As I reflected on the article, I suppose that sadly I felt that there was nothing new in Russia. However, I did dwell on the description of Europe as “spineless”.

Personally, I tend to agree that the EU has become spineless, and the politics of the EU has made it unmanageable with a growing army of bureaucrats all looking to Berlin for the nod. After all, the EU can’t even address the economic crisis in Southern Europe yet alone focus on problems elsewhere. What a mess!

Any thoughts?

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