We have to wean Britain off the drug of immigration – Telegraph

This is an excellent, MUST READ article, by Fraser Neilson, published in the Telegraph.

via We have to wean Britain off the drug of immigration – Telegraph.

The article takes a hard look at immigration in the UK against a backdrop of the UK suffering from ineffective education and welfare policies. Here’s a flavor of the argument:

Mass immigration offered a third way: skilled, cheerful labour without having to fix schools or welfare. It was, and still is, a dangerously tempting offer.

Let me turn the argument around and express it as an open question:

Surely one the greatest challenge in the UK is the poorly educated and unskilled hard-core unemployed

United Kingdom: stamp

United Kingdom: stamp (Photo credit: Sem Paradeiro)

not immigrants from the EU?

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  2. The problem is that our State Education system has been dumbed down to 44th in the world and is turning out people who are frankly unemployable.

    1 child in 5 is functionally illiterate upon leaving school and in the words of John Cridland, Director General of the CBI, cannot read, cannot write and cannot communicate.

    Secondly, our worker productivity is about 20th in the world, 16% behind the average for the G7 at 32% for the public sector and 48% for the private sector following a 20% fall since the Olympics and the Jubilee.

    Third, our workers and the population as a whole are obsessed with going on holiday, chillaxing,
    “largeing it up” and are generally lazy so that less gets produced in the little time they spend actually working than is the case for more hard working ,better educated and better motivated immigrants, especially from Eastern Europe.

    For these reasons, 80% of jobs go to foreigners, and as members of the EC, we have to allow more of them into the country.

    If David Cameron had his way, the EC would be enlarged to include Turkey and countries like the Ukraine which would add close to 50% more people to the EC and take our population up to 100 million within 20 years or less.

    “Weaning the UK off immigration” would involve very strong medicine, a renegotiation of EC membership or a departure from it.

    The strong medicine would involve shock treatment:
    1) Cutting all annual leave to 4 weeks until productivity rises to an acceptable level

    2) Stopping all further immigration except for wealthy inward investors and exceptional students

    3) Abolishing all Bank Holidays except for Christmas

    4) National Service for all youngsters on leaving school for 2 years reduced to 18 months for students bright enough to go to university

    5) Compulsory relocation to areas where work exists for NEETS and unemployed people in unemployment black spots coupled with the building of prefabricated hostels built on brownfield sites on the edges of towns where they would live rent free thus reducing the Housing Benefit Bill.

    Currently these people are allowed to languish in one place and get set in their ways leading to inter-generational unemployment

    6) Creation of business boot camps, where non academic youngsters and the unemployed would be drilled and mentored by ex Army people in a UK version of the American “Troops to Teachers” program into businesses of their own.

    Dole and benefits would be conditional upon completion of the regime which would include selling skills, basic NLP and language teaching

    7) Developing arrangements with other countries which need people to take different categories of skilled labour emerging from the business boot camps.These would be along the lines of the old “Assisted Migration Programme” with Australia and involve free passage and a cessation of all dole in exchange for a one off bounty which would buy an immigration bond to help the formerly unemployed UK dole recipient settle into their new country

    8) Transfer all Adult Social Care recipients without relatives to Goa,Pondicherry and Thailand after concluding agreements with the Indian and Thai Governments similar to those reached by the Merkel Government in Germany

    9)Quadrupling the size of the export salesforce and introducing new writing down allowances and lower corporation taxes to stimulate growth

    10)Issuing infrastructure bonds to finance road and airport building using foreign money and UK based labour to do the work with the majority drawn from the dole queues and required to work for their dole which the construction firm would top up to the normal wage

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