China to launch cargo train to Germany – People’s Daily Online

People's Daily, Beijing

People’s Daily, Beijing (Photo credit: pazavi)

This is an interesting article and WORTH A READ, published in the People’s Daily Online. Check it out!

China to launch cargo train to Germany – People’s Daily Online.

I suppose that it was not really surprising that that the link was to Germany, rather than any other European country.

Any thoughts?

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  1. The cargo train serves a number of purposes beyond transporting Chinese and German exports.

    It represents a way for the Chinese to deal directly with the real power in Europe (Germany), without having to deal with the EC directly, as well as serving their Russian allies.

    Chancellor Merkel and the Swiss are both deepening their relations with China because they are hard headed realists who understand that there is no alternative to dealing sensibly with China.

    The rest of the EU are less important to China and David Cameron is seen as a meddling and capricious lame duck and an irrelevance along with a UK living in the past.

    The Swiss are important to China because of Switzerland’s close links with Germany and the cargo train makes a statement to the Americans to the effect that they are not the only players in Europe.

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