David Cameron heckled by NHS protester as he visits Olympic park | Politics | The Guardian

English: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the ...

English: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and leader of the Conservative Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This story in the Guardian is RECOMMENDED READING. LISTEN TO THE VIDEO clip too, in which UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, is accused, by a heckler, of lying about the NHS. Check it out!

David Cameron heckled by NHS protester as he visits Olympic park | Politics | The Guardian.

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  1. David Cameron is a politician and like most of his kind tells lies because most people cannot handle the truth and because like many of his kind lying, sophistry, peddling half truths, misusing statistics and being deliberately misleading are all part of the stock in trade of politicians.

    The article and the film clip featuring the heckler at the former Olympic Games site are trying to draw a conclusion that suggests that David Cameron is plumbing new depths of unpopularity and that the mood of the country is against him and that the heckling somehow marks some sort of watershed.

    The so called “legacy “of the Olympic games was supposed to be a more competitive and productive economy, more trade and more business.

    We were supposed to be thankful for the NHS and the sterling work it is and has been doing and given the left wing credentials of Danny Boyle who staged the Olympics what he produced was bound to be a “hostage to fortune”.

    We were told that the Olympics would produce a nett gain of £13 billion gbp when it has produced nothing of the kind and cost £20 billion gbp to stage.

    The NHS has finally proved to be not fit for purpose, as I and others have been saying for years, so any defender of the present debacle, not just David Cameron could expect a very rough ride.

    This idea of a watershed moment is mistaken because although many natural Conservatives despair at David Cameron and the stupidity of his policies (gay marriage, overseas aid, meddling in other countries, shrinking our armed forces down to a cipher, keeping Corporation taxes too high and encouraging firms to base themselves and their money offshore, failing to control our borders or immigration etc,etc), we and much of the public know that there is little difference between any of the political parties.

    What exists is a form of homogenized Butskillism run by a political elite, who see the public as a sullen milch cow to be milked from the cradle to the grave, and then stripped of all useful bi-products after its reproductive capabilities have waned.

    People sense, even if they do not know it, in detail that many decisions are taken in secret, that Government Ministers tell lies, that Government statistics on crime, the economy and employment do not fit the reality of their experience and that the BBC is a biased and bloated propaganda machine populated by left wing reporters, presenters and peddlers of incomplete information.

    Many of them wait in sullen silence, reasoning that nothing much will change but deep down unhappy at what is being done in their name and others shop, watch football and live blissfully unaware of anything beyond their immediate concerns.

    A few,like the heckler, are more vocal, which is what we saw which means that David Cameron and his henchmen, although not fit for purpose are not much worse than the predetermined alternatives who were in the last analysis chosen by one man, Lord Rothschild even though the UK is deemed by the men with real power to be a “Rockefeller country”.

    In any event the power lies with the Sovereign as it always has with the only exception being the period of Oliver Cromwell’s rule as Lord Protector following the English Civil War.

    Although “Black Rod” is denied entrance to Parliament after his triple knock,the Royal Mace lies on top of the dispatch box signifying whose policies are really being implemented.

    David Cameron and all his predecessors prior to the 1953 Coronation have to attend and report to the Queen once a week.

    We are told by Constitutionalists and Constitutional scholars that this means that the Queen has no power and that Prime Ministers are simply reporting on what they have done and what they propose to do next.

    The reality is rather different, Prime Ministers are given sets of instructions from the Sovereign who is always the head of the Committee of 300 a body which emerged from the British East India Company and was called the Council of 300 in Queen Victoria’s day.

    Prime Ministers of the UK while they remain in office are always the number 2s.

    Even this is not the top of the pyramid, so the idea of a single heckler in an Olympic Park creating a watershed moment is fanciful.

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