A Hard Look at UK Life Under David Cameron – John Gelmini 2/3

United Kingdom: stamp

United Kingdom: stamp (Photo credit: Sem Paradeiro)

This is the second of a series of “Hard Look” articles where John Gelmini has kindly been guest blogger.

In this blog, the second of three, we take a hard look at UK life under David Cameron. Below is a selection of John Gelmini’s articles, ranked by the number of hits with the most popular first:

  1. A Hard Look at Individual Liberty in the David Cameron’s UK
  2. A Hard Look at UK Social Mobility and Unemployment
  3.  A Hard Look at the Effectiveness of the UK’s Political Class?
  4. A Hard Look at UK Defense Spending
  5. A Hard Look Beyond the UK Immigration Backlogs

Any thoughts?

John Gelmini

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Needed: A New Economic Paradigm | Joe Stiglitz – The Institute for New Economic Thinking

Cropped picture of Joseph Stiglitz, U.S. econo...

Cropped picture of Joseph Stiglitz, U.S. economist. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nobel Prize winning, economist, Joe Stiglitz, calls for a new economic paradigm, in an INET article. It’s an INTERESTING READ. Check it out!

Needed: A New Economic Paradigm | The Institute for New Economic Thinking.

Personally, for me, the collapse of 2008 was not so much about blind use of econometric models, it was more about greed and deregulation. Last week, we saw headlines that US banks once again dominate the valuation of the New York stock market; US banks have eclipsed the energy and commodity sectors in the BRICS countries.

Surely, the real challenge is to cut the financial services sector down to size and refocus economic expansion on other sectors, especially those that offer jobs growth as well?

Any thoughts?

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