A Hard Look at UK Life Under David Cameron – John Gelmini 3/3

At a health march

At a health march (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the third of a series of “Hard Look” articles where John Gelmini has kindly been guest blogger.

In this blog, the third of three, we take a hard look at UK life under David Cameron. Below is a selection of John Gelmini’s articles, ranked by the number of hits with the most popular first:

  1. A Hard Look at the Folly of Trying to Cut Pensions and Care for the Elderly: John Gelmini
  2. A Hard Look at Why  David Cameron is the Barrier to Increasing UK Exports to BRICS Countries? John Gelmini
  3. A Hard Look at the Effectiveness of the UK’s Political Class? – John Gelmini
  4. A Hard Look at UK Defense Spending – John Gelmini

Any thoughts?

John Gelmini

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