NHS A&E Next Winter – Crisis Management – Telegraph

English: End to End Risk Management Process

English: End to End Risk Management Process (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Risk management sub processes

English: Risk management sub processes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is a MUST READ article from the Telegraph. Check it out!

Britain could face A&E crisis next winter – Telegraph.

Personally, I think that the Telegraph headline seriously understates both the issue and the risk.

Any project manager will tell you that an issue is something that we have now and a risk is something that may happen in the future, with a degree of likelihood.

Well, if you read the media carefully, clearly:



I endorse the views that the Government Ministers and the NHS bungling bureaucrats are a waste of space.

Surely, it’s a case for a COBRA type risk management initiative?

Any thoughts?

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2 responses

  1. The consultants who are supposedly too few in number to staff A and E have now offered a solution to the crisis in that they have proposed that they should be paid more money to cover the shortfall in manning.
    This suggests to me that the crisis, whilst real, has been deliberately made worse by the Consultants conspiring to make matters worse as a precursor to exploiting the situation to apply pressure to the NHS and the Government to pay them extra money for overtime and unsocial hours.

  2. The Government wants A and E to go into crisis meltdown so that it can effect further reform using the clamour from those who will demand and even beg for the situation to be ameliorated.

    They have underestimated the risks (that a serious disease could turn into an epidemic) because that is what Civil Service Mandarins, who are out of touch with reality, always do.The reasoning is that the medical profession and their trades unions are too big to take on now because the public trust them more than the politicians.This is why Cameron scuppered the Lansley reforms in an act of deliberate political cowardice which played into the hands of Sir David Nicholson who executed the coup de grace and who was also ultimately responsible for the breakdown of care and the needless deaths at Staffordshire hospitals.

    By letting the NHS mismanage the situation into a bigger disaster, they can stand back and then say to the country “We told you that reform was needed, we listened to the medical professionals, we put in more of your money but look at what these people have done, they cannot be trusted, so we will have to step in, what we propose is—-(fill in the blanks)”

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