Prime Minister tells Clare Balding, Alice Arnold at No 10 he is ‘very proud’ to legalise gay marriage – Telegraph

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a MUST READ article. Check it out!

via Prime Minister tells Clare Balding, Alice Arnold at No 10 he is ‘very proud’ to legalise gay marriage – Telegraph.

Personally, I have been against gay marriage because it undermines the traditional religious views of marriage but also as my colleague John Gelmini highlighted, it is the “thin edge of wedge”.

I used to be a traditional UK Conservative Party supporter but seeing UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, celebrating the success of gay marriage in the UK, I question what ever happened to traditional Conservative Party values?

The article will probably be deeply offensive to many traditional Conservative Party supporters.

As I discussed the article with my wife last night she questioned:

Why doesn’t the Government promote heterosexual marriage?

Any thoughts?

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  8. Traditional Conservative Party values will end up being held by a tiny minority of people who will be and are being slowly demonised by the BBC, the left wing media, members of Common Purpose, the Fabian Society, the “chattering classes”, metrosexuals, Trade Unionists and some gay people as “swivel eyed loons”, “homophobic”, “climate change deniers”, “old fashioned”, “non PC”, “reactionary”, “mad”, not moving with the grain of public opinion and so on.

    The Conservative Party now has fewer members than the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, has an average age of about 66 and is seen as the home for blogging expatriates and former Colonel Blimps drinking wine as the sun goes down, golfing and dreaming of days of Empire.

    The process of demonisation is deliberate, insidious and continuous and whilst it is to be expected from the Guardian who are at least honest about what they stand for, the BBC which is paid for by a poll tax on all of us and is the mouthpiece of Government whilst pretending not to be is biased and swindles the public by breaching the terms of the licence fee agreement on a minute by minute basis.
    Examples of this are:
    –Promoting internet television when not all licence fee payers have broadband access
    –Letting celebrities, authors, politicians, musicians, their own reporters, eccentrics with harmless hobbies, celebrity chefs, cookery experts, athletes, footballers, film stars, playwrights, impresarios, actors, political activists they approve of, environmentalists, pagans, Wiccans, gay activists such as Peter Tatchell, promote their latest books, films, plays, campaigns, pet causes, television programmes, websites and courses
    –Product Placement without even the acknowledgement that shows it is taking place which is done in America during the film credits as a matter of course
    The BBC’s Board of Governors and senior management are deliberately overpaid so that they carry out their role of traducing Judeo Christian values, blurring the distinction between right and wrong, marginalising working class people as stupid,employing anti business bias unless the person in front of them is a Dragon,s Den celebrity,promoting climate change and peddling left wing propaganda.
    The present political setup masquerades as a 3 main party grouping with smaller parties but the reality now is that we have a single party with no real power with leaders selected by a small group of people who determine policy,determine what goes into the news and who would like to censor the internet using child protection as the stalking horse.

    The policy is one of homogenisation whereby ordinary people are meant to be content with their lot, accept mass immigration, believe what they are told, pay high taxes to “protect the planet”, rubber stamp future wars, have their money stolen by means of banking bailouts, “haircuts”, higher prices on imported goods, devaluation and high taxes set at a level whereby a proportion can be swallowed up in “administration costs” or what night club and bar owners call it “10% spillage”.
    True Conservative values are the antithesis of this squalid means of operating and involve:
    –Traditional marriage
    –Strong defence
    –Strong law and order
    –Low taxes
    –Hard Work
    –Self sufficiency in food production and energy
    –Strong Judeo Christian Values
    –An understanding of the differences between right and wrong
    –Economic Stability and competence
    –Affordable public services that work
    –Self reliance
    –Personal responsibility for one,s own actions
    –Ambition/Striving for a better life
    –Controlled immigration
    Under David Cameron these things are either being dismantled or already do not exist in any meaningful measure so he and those who think as he does need to be replaced with those who put the interests of the country first rather than in meddling overseas in matters which are not our concern.

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