Labour calls for investigation into rise in deaths of older people | Society | The Guardian

This is an alarming, MUST READ, story from Sarah Boseley, Health Editor at the Guardian. Check it out!

Labour calls for investigation into rise in deaths of older people | Society | The Guardian.

There has been a clear jump in the number of deaths of elderly women in the poorer parts of the UK, raising more questions about care for the elderly under austerity. Experts believe that more people are dying because of the impact of austerity.

Any thoughts?

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  1. This is a partial non story from the Guardian which was careful not to mention what happened during the early part of the year.
    Until May of this year we had one of the coldest winters for 57 years which meant that heating bills were astronomical.
    This meant that older people in poorer parts of the country had the choice of either heating their homes or eating less food,something which happens every year as far back as my childhood and through different political administrations.
    Often these people choose to keep warm so eat too little and fall ill and then die prematurely.
    The Guardian talks about cuts to Adult Social Care and the imposition of austerity but is rather more coy about the role of local authority Chief Executives in this situation and the fact that under successive Governments Adult Social Care and the NHS have not been merged.
    To begin with in Wales and Scotland under the Barnett Formula,English taxpayers pay for free Adult Social Care in Wales and Scotland so austerity has less impact in those places than other factors which is why elderly Scots are being encouraged by Alex Salmond who needs their votes in his independence Referendum in 2014,to make the journey north of the Tweed and enjoy free Adult Social Care courtesy of the English ,whose tutelage he dislikes so much.
    In Engand we have 43 county councils,plus unitary authorities,city councils ,metropolitan borough councils and the London borough councils ,each of which is responsible for delivering council services including Adult Social Care.
    On top of that we have Districts and Boroughs all of which could be abolished and their services outsourced.
    These organisations could be reduced to just 12, saving billions,some of which could be spent on integrating the Adult Social Care and NHS budgets so that all care was provided by the NHS who would also have an educative role on nutrition,diet ,personal philosophy and exercise thus reducing the numbers of inactive Adult Social Care recipients in the first instance.
    600 premature deaths in comparison with an NHS which kills 120,000 in botched operations and another 70,000 via well meaning GP,s misdiagnosing patient symptons is a “rounding error” ,the Guardian and the over excitable Andy Burnham should focus on the bigger problems of NHS inefficiency and the need for cross party consensus on legislation to bring in variable taxes on foods and stop the present diabetes,dementia and obesity crisis which is helping to fuel the problems with Adult Social Care in the first instance.

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