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This is a powerful STRONGLY RECOMMENDED article by Ben Folley, published by Next Generation Labour.

via ‘Go Home’ vans must be challenged | Next Generation Labour.

Personally, I agree that the “go gome” vans are a diversion to distract the public’s attention from the failings of this Government.

Surely, if the Home Office want to manage immigration, they should start with being able to record arrivals and departures accurately?

Any thoughts?

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  1. The Home Office cannot manage to control immigration because the means of counting people in and out of the country,the Raytheon Defence Systems/BT Global Services system called E-Borders has still not gone live with no firm date in prospect for it to do so.
    Secondly ,it relies on an annual passenger survey with a non representative sample size to supposedly produce “robust and accurate figures”(Immigration Minister Mark Harper,s words in a recent Radio 4 interview.
    Thirdly it fails to match notes and coins in circulation ,food sales in supermarkets and school registrations to each other and to Electoral Roll and Credit Referencing Agency data via Experien,Equifax Europe and Dun and Bradstreet which are more accurate lists of all voters and non voters who live in the country.
    Fourthly ,the NI number system is fatally flawed in that there are 19 million spare numbers over and above the number of people in the workforce.
    These spare numbers are used by DWP staff for new migrants who have come to Britain via the proper channels but can also be bought by criminals,snakehead gangs or indeed anyone who is prepared to pay a few hundred pounds in cash and drink with unseemly people in sleazy ,downmarket public houses.
    This is apart from forged documentation which can be purchased from all kinds of sources ranging from Nigerian scam artists,Albanian criminals,Turkish criminals,Eastern European criminals,various mafias ,our own criminals and even selected London mosques which the police and the Home Office refuse to raid for fear of setting off racial tensions.
    In the past,the late Sir Enoch Powell used to discover that the Home Office was regularly fiddling the immigration figures and said it so often prior to his “Rivers of Blood ” speech that Sir Edward Heath,the Prime Minister of the day,sacked him.
    Under David Blunkett,Dr John Reid,Michael Howard,Charles Clarke and now under Theresa May,the Home Office has been found to be “not fit for purpose” and the functions of the disgraced “Borders Agency” had to be subsumed within its structure.
    As an island which cannot even afford a coastal protection vessel and with policing cuts our 4,500 mile coastline is not properly policed which means that people can be brought in in used shipping containers through ports like Felixstowe,whilst people can be landed by boat on deserted coastlines and via the Ferries.
    Without Benefit fraudsters and illegal immigrants much of our hotel trade would grind to a halt and food would remain in the ground because the Agricultural Gangmasters in places like Lincolnshire would not have enough people from the indigenous population willing or able to undertake the work.
    The Government cannot afford the number of old unproductive people it has because the health care costs are out of control and there are too few people in the workforce earning enough money and generating enough tax to pay for them.
    It therefore turns a blind eye to illegal immigration whilst at the same time trying ,through eye catching headlines and illegal initiatives such as the interrogation of non white people in Willesden to pretend it is doing something about a problem it secretly does not wish to resolve.
    Solving the problem would require:
    –Implementing E-Borders
    –Scrapping the existing NI system and making everyone in the country and all new babies be issued with a new one plus thumbprint and iris scan
    –Stopping all further immigration other than high spending inward investors and brilliant foreign students and workers with special skills
    –Increasing police numbers on coasts and in ports
    –Closing down all establishments known to be involved in fake documentation
    –Tackling the issue of Adult Social Care and dementia by:
    a)Shipping those without relatives to India where they can be looked after for a fraction of the cost
    b)Legislating for variable taxes on foods
    c)Aggressively re-enabling all Adult Social Care recipients at the pre-assessment stage thus lowering initial numbers by 30%
    d)Making the long term unemployed move to areas where work exists and make them work as a condition for receipt of benefit rather than letting more migrants into the country.
    They could be housed in system built houses such as those made by Hof Haus and Ikea or placed in converted shipping containers available on E-Bay for £2,500 gbp in non converted form and their Housing Benefit could be stopped as they would now have homes.
    e)Financing 2 coastal protection vessels to guard our coastline against drug smugglers and illegal immigrants
    f)Putting Rotterdam style X Ray machines into major ports like Felixstowe ,capable of X-Raying 44 ton lorries,vans,coaches,non plated weight box vans and cars and their complete loads for people and contraband
    g)Supporting farmers to make us self sufficient in food rather than driving them into bankruptcy ,suicide and financial ruin whilst importing food from overseas
    h)Increasing inward investment,lowering Corporation taxes and stimulating exports to create new funds ,many of which are held offshore to avoid taxes in order to pay for the things the country needs without the need for further immigration

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