David Cameron & the Politics of Over-65 Alcohol Abuse – John Gelmini


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I thank Dr Alf for his blog entitled Alcohol Abuse Over-65 drinkers Meddling UK Politicians & Bungling Bureaucrats at NHS?. I would like to make some further observations on this story.

Doctors have never called for this halving of the daily alcohol limits for pensioners before so one has to wonder why they are doing so now?

The existing levels which have been recommended do not take into account the size of the person.

Thus a 6ft. 5 inch man, with a 50 inch chest should be able to consume a lot more alcohol than say a dwarf or petite woman of androgynous build who is less than 5ft tall.

The health of the population of any given country, or location within it, is affected by all the factors listed by Dr Alf and a number of others which are all related to the points he makes:

–Environment and proximity to electricity pylons, industrial processes, motorways, mobile telephone masts and nitrates used on crops
Chemical additives in foodstuffs, toothpaste, soft drinks, tinned foodstuffs (aspartame, e-numbers, fluoride, sodium laurel sulphate, aluminium saucepans, cooking foil and Bisphenol A found in plastics) and handled by people every day
–Vitamin content of food
–When people eat (not just what they eat)
–Exercise (both type and frequency)
–Marital status/Relationship status versus living alone
Air quality and water quality
–Stress levels and the ability to manage them
–Earlier involvement in debauched and drug filled lifestyles particularly by woman in their 60s who were the so-called “Flower children” of their day but are now the dementia sufferers filling up our care homes, NHS wards and beginning to break Adult Social Care budgets in local authorities
–Lower vitamin content in food mandated by the Alimentarius Commission which meets in secret and instructs Governments including ours on these levels
–Salt and sugar content in food, particularly breakfast cereals and fast food coupled with misleading labelling
–Having a strong personal philosophy which supports you in difficult times
–Drug taking
The Government prefers not to talk about many of these things or the fact that other countries have far better health care systems and treatment outcomes. France, Germany and Italy being 3 examples.

So at a time of increased pressure on the NHS, and ineptitude by David Cameron that vociferous minority, GPs have been allowed, and probably encouraged by David Cameron’s Government, to come out with this statement as a diversionary tactic for the Summer months, when the country is asleep and on holiday at the same time.

John Gelmini

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