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English: Chris Huhne, British politician, at the Health Hotel “Health Zone” at the Bournemouth International Centre during the Liberal Democrat Party Conference 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I refer to Dr Alf’s reblog of the Mail article entitled: Disgraced former minister Chris Huhne lands energy job paying £100,000 for just two days a week . Here are my views:

As someone who believes in redemption ,second chances and the occasional Damascene conversion, I have trouble with this because Chris Huhne showed no remorse, is not going to reimburse the taxpayer for the £2 million gbp, it cost him to be finally brought to book, and at 9 weeks, I do not think his sentence was long enough.

A Housing Benefit recipient who falls foul of North Herts. District Council, near where I live , and is convicted of fraud, can expect to be in jail for at least 2 years, plus a fine and a recovery order plus costs.

Huhne and Pryce both lied to the authorities to keep their positions, reputations and money, yet their treatment was so lenient that they did not complete a fraction of their sentences.

Convicted benefit recipients in Noth Herfordshire can expect to have their name emblazoned all over the local paper and be shunned by local employers as if they were lepers.

In North Kesteven, the first poll tax defaulter in the country, was tracked down to Bundeberg in Australia, brought home to the UK,convicted, fined, admonished by the Judge and sent to Lincoln prison. As far as I know, no-one approached that individual at the end of his sentence to offer him a job, even of the most menial kind.

In contrast Huhne, his scorned wife Vicky Pryce, and indeed anyone from the upper echelons of society, are in effect either above the law, or so leniently treated that no matter what they do they are lightly slapped on the wrist and then through their connections and friends put into a position where there mouths are lined with gold.
Next, no doubt we will hear that because Huhne found prison “fascinating”, he will go on to write a book about his experiences and then “find God”, become rehabilitated into society and make even more money.

Politicians who wonder why the voters are disenchanted with them and HMRC officials who wonder why people try to hide what little money they have need to look at cases like this and just for a moment begin to realise that the levels of inequality of treatment in our society are spawning more and more contempt and are turning people who are normally honest into potential crooks and chancers.

Perhaps some of them do but do not care anyway because for them inequality writ large is the way they think it ought to be.

John Gelmini

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Some thoughts on the Britain’s Economy via The Economist – john Gelmini

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I thank Dr Alf for reblogging the Economost article entitled: “Britain’s economy: How is it really doing?” and asking the following open questions:

  1. Do you agree that commercial departments of banks are full of bureaucrats, with no knowledge of their customers nor their businesses and very little authority to back their judgement?

  2. How do you suggest that the BoE and the Chancellor stimulate growth in UK businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses?

    Here are my responses:

The answer to Dr Alf’s first question must be a resounding yes.

The old Captain Mainwaring (Based on the Dad’s Army television character), style bankers who knew their personal and business customers intimately have all gone to the corporate graveyard, having effectively been made redundant more than 30 years ago.

In the days when it was possible for a small business owner to talk about “floorboard money” or use a crowbar like gesture to signal that there were more assets than the accounts showed, the old style bank managers were masters of realpolitik and could exercise seasoned judgement.

Now, with points system scoring and HMRC cracking down on little people whilst leaving people like Vodaphone, Eon, Arcadia Group PLC, Glaxo Smith Kline, BT PLC, Guardian Media Group PLC, Tesco PLC alone, we have a situation in which SMEs are denied credit and put through the HMRC “olive press” for even minor indiscretions.

Dr Alf’s prescription, plus more export led growth, infrastructure bonds, more enterprise and the active encouragement of wealthy foreign investors is the way forward coupled with a cessation of all overseas aid including the £1 billion gbp we have given to Nigeria to help them put a man into space and the £1 billion gbp a year we give to India, which they say they do not need.

Fracking, a concerted blitz on the costs of local and central government, building roads and nuclear power stations, and a switch from warmongering to airport capacity building and encouraging foreign banks to compete with our moribund High Street Clearers would also help.

The Economist is right to take the Coalition to task for allowing commercial lending to be strangled whilst pouring money into the UK housing market to make consumers feel good just before the election.

John Gelmini

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