Prince Charles has held 36 private summits with Cabinet ministers in lobbying campaign since election | Mail Online

Sir Stirling Moss, Zac Goldsmith and HRH The P...

Sir Stirling Moss, Zac Goldsmith and HRH The Prince of Wales at the royal launch of the annual Revolve Eco-Rally in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is quite amazing story reported in the Mail Online. It’s a MUST READ article in my view. Check it out!

via Prince Charles has held 36 private summits with Cabinet ministers in lobbying campaign since election | Mail Online.

Personally, I am pro-monarchy and respect Prince Charles right to share his views both privately and publicly. However, the number of visits does suggest that this is a lobbying campaign. For sure, a similar number of visits by a prominent businessman would have been severely questioned as lobbying.

Whilst I share some of Prince Charles views concerning climate change, rural affairs and alternative medicine, I feel that these must be subjects for public debate not lobbying ministers opinions. Given the dire state of the UK economy and society because of excessive austerity from David Cameron’s Government, this becomes a pivotal issue.

Let me ask an open question:

How can the Government assure the UK Public and Parliament that they have not changed policy as a result of confidential discussions with Prince Charles?

Any views?

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5 responses

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  3. Amazing Dr Alf is pro monarchy, the monarchy seems as if its some sort of left over from a historical past, rather like a appendix that once had a use, having said that I am in no way supporting the collapse of the monarchy, a vast public are served in some way by this anachronism and has a quaint reminder of a dubious and nostalgic reminder of the past.

    If the Royals were relegated to living in some backwater, the whole mythology would start a rapid decline in divine status and so on, and what do you do with Buckingham Palace? and those red coats and black hatted machines that work like clockwork soldiers.

    The industry has to go on, even if its only selling tea towels and bric-a-brack, and a few dollars coming in from abroad to help abate the decline into another casualty such as Greece.

    • Many thanks for the response.

      Yes, some of my political views must appear quaint at times but one of them is that I am pro-monarchy in the UK. 🙂

      Are you interested in developing your thread into a blog for me to publish as a guest blog? I have a light editorial touch.


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