Prince Charles letters: outrage at Attorney General’s ‘cover-up’ | News | The Week UK

This blog provides summarizes UK media perspective on Prince Charles recent communications with the UK Government. It’s WORTH A READ, in my view. Check it out!

via Prince Charles letters: outrage at Attorney General’s ‘cover-up’ | News | The Week UK.

Based upon one of my earlier blogs, I have the same open question:

How can the Government assure the UK Public and Parliament that they have not changed policy as a result of confidential discussions with Prince Charles?

Any views?

Sir Stirling Moss, Zac Goldsmith and HRH The P...

Sir Stirling Moss, Zac Goldsmith and HRH The Prince of Wales at the royal launch of the annual Revolve Eco-Rally in 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  1. We have no way of knowing whether the Government has changed its mind as a result of Prince Charles’s lobbying because we cannot compare what he has written in his letters and said privately to Government policy, with the exception of Global Warming/Climate Change.

    Professor Jones of the University of East Anglia was exposed by the 1000,s of hacked e-mails showing that data had been manipulated to exaggerate the extent and nature of Climate Change under a regime which was under his direction and control.

    When Professor Jones was given a rough ride by a House of Commons select committee Prince Charles said that Professor Jones had been badly treated when to my mind he should have been sacked for misleading or attempting to mislead Parliament and the public who have a right to accurate and contemporaneous information from scientists whose salaries are paid out of taxpayers money.

    Prince Charles likes environmentalism to be applied to others but not to himself, not for him smaller cars,only an air conditioned Bentley will do.

    Not for him a staycation to reduce his carbon footprint,he flies first class and goes as often as he feels like.

    Prince Charles represents an institutution which is funded out of taxpayers money but according to constitutional scholars and Dicey, has no power.

    The reality is he can ,as heir to the throne exercise influence without being held to account for his views like the rest of us.
    He pays less tax than his butler yet can see the Prime Minister privately 6 times.

    The man or woman in the street if they are working pays more tax than Prince Charles or members of the Royal Family but have no access to Ministers or the Prime Minister directly.

    They are expected to deal with their MP unless they live in Witney ,the Prime Minister,s constituency in

    The Americans coined a name for this :”Taxation without representation”, my name for it would be the continued application of Royal power and influence through the Sovereign and her heirs whilst the people have practically no say whilst paying for everything.

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