Two tales of the UK economy – national cheer and personal pain | Peter Kellner | Comment is free |

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Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent MUST READ article by Peter Kellner. Check it out!

via Two tales of the UK economy – national cheer and personal pain | Peter Kellner | Comment is free |

The article very sharply focuses on the differences between the  Conservative Party and the Labour Party, in terms of economic performance.

In case you are not familiar with my political views, I have been a lifelong Conservative Party supporter but when when David Cameron came to power, I started having doubts about the departure from traditional Tory values; now I find to my surprise that I believe the Labour argument on economic reality.

Sadly, the next election will probably not be about results and reality; it will be about spin and negative politics – a sad state of affairs, in my view.

Any thoughts?

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  2. Traditional Conservative values are about delivering a competitive economy with low taxes, strong defence, strong law and order, promoting traditional marriage and family life, economic competence,good Governance, social mobility, politeness and the promotion of a sense of history rooted in Judeo Christian ethics.

    Neither the Labour narrative or the Coalition narrative contains any of these things:
    –Our economy is unbalanced,uncompetitive and in serious debt with few exports of substance
    –Our Tri Forces are being run down,we cannot afford even a coastal protection vessel,we have aircraft carriers without aircraft and much of our overseas aid is wasted on corrupt dictators, despots, administration, lost /hopeless causes or is stolen by terrorists
    –The police force is being privatized by stealth with investigative services going to ex policemen/policewoman being transferred to G4S, prison guard duties being undertaken by Serco and G4S and the police traffic department being replaced by the Highways Agency in 2014.
    This will be backed by powers of arrest ,seizure ,the ability to levy on the spot fines and track people on a National grid of ANPR checkpoints.
    All money raised in fines will go to the Treasury and all objectivity about traffic policing will be lost as the DOT and the Highways Agency administer what is to come,Road Pricing on top opf all other taxes”
    –Family life is being traduced by both political parties(Non working mothers have made a lifestyle choice”–George Osborne), Gay Marriage was backed by both parties even though it was never in the Conservative manifesto, pre-cohabitation agreements and American style no fault divorce are coming next ,again with the approval of both parties and their fellow travellers, the Liberal Democrats
    –Society is becoming more and more unequal and neither Cameron or Miliband have a cat,s chance in hell of slowing let alone stopping the process.
    –UK PLC is a corrupt and badly run country, run by chancers, spivs, liars and Arthur Dailey like people who would sell their own grandmothers and do not know the difference between right and wrong.
    Whilst my own MP Oliver Heald is an honorable and hardworking man I look at the Cabinet and the Opposition and largely see a bunch of intellectual lightweights with little grasp of economics,the scale of our problems and even fewer solutions.
    Judeo Christian ethics are rubbished, along with anyone who believes in them, and is daring enough to say so, every day yet the COE other than Justin Welby, the present Archbishop of Canterbury, remain silent.This happens on the BBC, in left wing media,in certain local authorities whose mendacity in this regard frequently knows no bounds and on radio stations.

    Moral relativism,laissez-faire,c hillaxing, Angry Birds, going on holiday, retail therapy,” larging it up”, slothfulness, greed, the prospect of instant riches or stardom,making bogus insurance claims and duvet days have replaced work, self discipline, doing the right thing, pride in one’s work and planning in a new “Let’s be having it now” culture.

    People see and sense the waste but reason that matters are beyond their control and because of the bad example set by those at the top,engage in all kinds of nefarious practices.

    This on the basis of “If they can do it so can I”.

    Those who own houses or are about to buy them feel richer and will be allowed to feel that way until it is time to vote again in 2015.

    After that reality will kick in again regardless of who is in office.

    For those who do not own houses and have no prospect of getting one,or who are jobless and without qualifications,life is going to get a lot tougher and even more unequal.

    For those in the gilded cage at the top life will get even better until those below them say enough is enough.

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