Government shifts cycling up a gear – Press releases – GOV.UK


Cycling (Photo credit: tejvanphotos)

Cycling on Dutch alleys.

Cycling on Dutch alleys. (Photo credit: tiexano)

English: A commuter cyclist in the London morn...

English: A commuter cyclist in the London morning rush hour, kitted out in specialist cycling gear (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an interesting press release from the UK Government. It’s a RECOMMENDED READ.Check it out!

Government shifts cycling up a gear – Press releases – GOV.UK.

Any thoughts on the “politics of cycling”?

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      • Hi Alf,
        I don’t like any exercise inside. Hiking and/or trekking are very fine, too, But I don’t like those as much as I like riding my bicycle(s).
        To connect bicycling and fracking: fracking is the reason why I don’t want to bicycle around here any more. the roads have become way too dangerous with all that oil traffic. I’m really unhappy about that state of affairs. There’s only one county road here that my friend and I still use. It involves going there by car, but that’s only a little more than 5 minutes. But that road is only 7 miles, so we don’t get much exercise out of it. That situation, the loss of bicycling possibilities, is one of the reasons why my wife and I want to relocate to the Hill Country.
        Best regards from southern Texas,

      • Hi Pit,

        Your point is vividly made.

        When the fracking came to town in Southern Texas, it was no longer possible to enjoy your favorite outdoor pursuit, namely cycling!

        The problem in the UK is that it’s already so densely populated, and it’s increasingly hard for many citizens, in certain parts of the country, to enjoy the outdoors with sports like cycling, and, of course, fracking will only aggravate matters.

        Best regards


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