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EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner

EU Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thank Dr Alf for reblogging Olli Rehn‘s view on his own blog entitled “Olli Rehn’s blog » Blog Archive » Recovery is within reach”. I would like to develop Dr Alf’s fairy tale thread.

As someone who believes in the power of the human spirit , willpower and Siddhi consciousness this at first sight might be possible.

Dr Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Charles Haanel,Tony Robbins and books of a similar genre are all part of my growing collection of 3000 or so books.

However, when you understand that the young Christ spent 18 years in India from his 12th to 30th birthday learning under intensive conditions how to walk on water, transmute objects out of thin air and other wonder-working (the subject of a documentary commissioned by the Indian Government), you begin to see that Olli Reyn is not quite in that league.

Dr Alf’s oblique references to the fairy tales we heard as children sum up where Europe really is. Once one has awoken from Rumplestiltskin like slumber, realized that despite what Olli Reyn says, Europe needs £6 trillion gbp to get out of its present situation and that at best, just £1.6 trillion is available one can see the problem.

Angela Merkel went to China, as she does every year, and asked them to help with the £4.4 trillion gbp needed to rectify the situation. This year she asked again. Each time the Chinese are all smiles, say that they are pleased to help but insist on collateral in the form of solid assets and they insist on a return. Their approach is like that of a parent trying to teach its offspring the value of money.Angela Merkel came back with her ears ringing with their praises but no money or any prospect of getting any on the conditions she had in mind.

David Cameron talks about “Big Bazookas” but still Europe is incapable of reforming itself to find the money needed and to create its own growth.

The Chinese follow the Sun Tzu doctrine which says that “Victory can be discerned and not manufactured”, they see that Europe’s salvation lies within itself and that the will to take the tough measures necessary is simply not there with or without Olli Reyn and with or without Angela Merkel acting as the “policeman of Europe”.

Sadly, I think their prognosis is correct and that they should keep their money to resolve their own problems.

We in the UK and in Europe must look to ourselves for our salvation and stop imagining that others will help us without getting something in return.

Olli Reyn needs to stop spreading fairy tales or perhaps become an author of them having first fired himself without compensation for loss of office.

John Gelmini

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