Ed Miliband must ‘grow up’ and show leadership, ally warns – Telegraph

Ed Milliband MP speaking at the Labour Party c...

Ed Milliband MP speaking at the Labour Party conference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an important and MUST READ article from the Telegraph.

Ed Miliband must ‘grow up’ and show leadership, ally warns – Telegraph.

I agree that UK Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband has failed to capture the political initiative. However, I disagree with the suggestion of “growing up” and “showing leadership”.

Let me take leadership first. Whilst it is possible to learn about good leadership, I believe that leadership is an inate quality and you either have it or you don’t. Personally, I do not think that Ed Milband has the necessary leadership quality, and relies too much on passionate speeches full of the latest theory from Harvard.

In terms, of “growing-up” Miliband just is not a political heavy-weight with the stature of many of Prime Minister George Brown’s cabinet, like Lord Mandelson or Alistair Darling. Also Miliband is too close to the union lobby.

Surely, it’s time for radical action either from  Ed Miliband or his successor?

Any thoughts?


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  3. Dr Alf is right on both counts about Ed Miliband.
    However Ed Miliband,s problems go a lot deeper than just lack of leadership and “growing up”.
    To begin with no-one really knows what the Labour Party stands for any more since it has abandoned its traditional supporters who are either dead or very old anyway.
    Secondly Ed Miliband is not trusted or liked by the electorate because of his betrayal of his own brother for the sake of his own political ambitions.
    People rightly feel that if someone puts their own ambition ahead of family duty that they are the sort of people who would sell their own grandmothers if the price was right.
    Thirdly Ed Miliband is no Hollywood movie star,he is not telegenic as Blair was,his body language,syntax and attempts at high moral tone simply jar with the message he is trying to put across and makes him appear insincere
    Fourth,his failure to have his name put of his child,s birth certificate 11/2 years after fathering it does not strike me as the act of a caring man or one who cares about details(The line from the first Godfather movie where the fictional Mafiosi Don Corleone says”woman and children can afford to be careless but men cannot”),whilst sexist in nature contains the element of truth for Miliband”men cannot afford to be careless”
    Fifth ,Miliband is surrounded by intellectual lightweights who are lazy,do not master their subject matter(Chris Bryant)and are useless communicators,hypocrites(Diane Abbott) and so laid back that they are almost horizontal(nearly all of them)
    Sixth,Miliband has never had to strive or struggle for anything and is a Rothschild puppet dancing to his master,s tune as is David Cameron who is at least telegenic along with his own version of insufferability.
    People in the country may not know this but they do know that he is in thrall to powerful Trades Unionists and sense,rightly,that he is not his own man.
    Seventh,Miliband does not know or care about the lives and travails of ordinary people and like the rest of the political class has failed to show any sense of urgency about the country,s economic problems by not going on holiday and addressing people,s basic concerns.
    Lastly,people do not like to think they are being taken for granted but Miliband does this as well.
    A look at his smug expression tells anyone with eyes to see that he thinks he will win the next election using the built in jerrymandered 11 point advantage that the Labour Party enjoys to assume power.
    His supporters describe this as “Zen like calm” when in reality it is an assumption on his part that the Prime Ministership will be his as long as he waits for others to fail and says nothing about what he might do.
    What are the chances he will resign without a coup against him?
    Practically zero
    Is Ed Miliband,s prognosis correct?
    Very possibly
    What does this mean for the country?
    Serious trouble

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