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English: brief diagram comparing the role of civil servants in the UK and US constitutions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf poses 2 questions, 1 about wind farms and the secret report about them representing UK Government disenchantment with Whitehall and a 2nd about the implications for the Tories if they return to power at the 2015 election.

I will deal with the issue of disenchantment with civil servants first:

The Government has been disenchanted with Whitehall for a very long time and long before the inception of windfarms, because as Steve Hilton noted 92% of civil servants could be sacked without anyone realizing that they were no longer there.

We know Steve Hilton was correct because publc sector worker productivity fell from 40% before the Olympics and the Jubilee to just 32% (70 working days out of a possible 220)(Source:ONS 2012).

We also know from Sir Jeremy Heywood the Head of the civil service that even he believes that many civil servants are lazy and has said so publicly.

The former British Empire functioned with just 15,000 civil servants and since then (1885), we have dropped from the high watermark of being a superpower to being a small bankrupt offshore island whose real wealth is held offshore for the benefit of a few plutocrats and the controllers of the “Club of Isles”.

The idea that we are best Governed by an impartial civil service which is apolitical might have worked once but with their lack of productivity, snail like working pace, unaccountability, inability to look at all relevant costs, laziness and complacency it is time for a change.

Currently we are 17th in the world for value per taxpayer pound, something which cannot be explained away by cock-up theory and blunders,although there are too many of those.

This is despite what we are constantly told about civil service mandarins with “razor sharp brains”.
Levels of taxation should be reflected in roads, infrastructure and economic progress yet this is clearly not the case which must mean that people are lining their pockets at taxpayers expense on an industrial scale.

In America, I once worked in the insurance industry and had a colleague whose father owned several nightclubs and bars. The father would give a little speech to all new bar staff in his establishments which he told them that “10% spillage is acceptable and has been built into my prices but anything more than that means I will have to fire you”.

This realism exists in UK retailing, whereby 6% is built into prices to cover breakages and thefts by staff, the public and delivery drivers.

With our taxes we have no such oversight or transparency, so we first need to reduce civil service numbers to 15,000 to ensure that they are working productively and ensure that there are fewer of them to monitor.

Secondly, we need to put them on fixed term, performance led contracts lasting for a single Parliament and then clear them out and replace them when new parties come in, as happens in the USA.

Third, we need to have independent audit of Government finances and transparency so that Ministers and civil servants are held to account and can be personally surcharged if they steal public money.

Fourth, we need to decision tree every piece of legislation and every policy BEFORE it is implemented to identify the effects and they ways in which people/businesses will behave.

Then the adverse consequences can be engineered out and at worst mitigated as happens in Singapore

Fifth, we need to take purchasing decisions away from them and place it with a system which uses a rotating panel of expert providers who will be judged on performance, customer satisfaction and value for money via independent scrutiny and analysis, benchmarked to Global best practice

Sixth, we need to stop the revolving door whereby civil servants leave on Friday, trouser huge payoffs and then return as consultants on double the money, often doing their old jobs.

It should be a case of “When your gone your gone”

Wind farms are the precursor to carbon taxes to deal with Global Warming/Climate Change which is a nonexistent problem created as a mental construct by the Club of Rome and which has been refuted by the Indian, Russian, Chinese and American Governments and Professor Richard Lindzen of MIT as complete nonsense.

Wind turbines cost £2,500 gbp each to subsidize, are only productive 14% of the time in England and cannot plug our energy gap, something which only nuclear power and fracking can do.

The public, in 75% of cases, does not believe in Global Warming/Climate Change but Government Ministers answer to those who propagate the nonsense,not to the public or most businesses.

Civil Servants at Mandarin level, mindful of their jobs and who the real power lies with twist and turn and undermine Government policies they disagree with that might stop the rush towards more wind farms.
The Government has had reports on its desk for the past 8 years telling them that the earth has been progressively cooling, as it does every 1500 years, but because it has lied to people it cannot state the truth and is forced to commission reports in secret so that it can work out what lies to tell next without contradicting itself in too obvious a way.

In this unlikely event they would still have to keep pushing Climate Change and they will use the HAARP style facility in Tromso Norway (Jointly owned by the EC, Norway and the UK),to engineer different weather events so that they can go on building wind farms and fracking at the same time.

Currently the Cabinet is split with George Osborne and Cameron wanting fracking and those representing NIMBIE constituencies wanting no change, despite the fact that without fracking blackouts are inevitable.

John Gelmini

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Japan’s Women to the Rescue –

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Economix Blog header (Photo credit: John Niedermeyer)

This is an excellent article by Prof. Laura D’Andrea Tyson, writing in the Economix blog of the NYT. It’s a MUST READ article in my view. Check it out!

via Japan’s Women to the Rescue –

As I read the article, I thought that UK Prime Minister, David Cameron could pick up a few tips from Japan.

Any thoughts?


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