Fears over patient safety if ‘cut-price’ doctors hired from India – Telegraph

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a good article by Laura Donnelly, health correspondent at the Telegraph. It’s a GOOD READ. Check it out!

via Fears over patient safety if ‘cut-price’ doctors hired from India – Telegraph.

Personally, as a policy option, I think that it’s good idea hiring doctors from India, provided that there are appropriate safeguards to minimize risk to patients.

Similarly, the concept of sending UK patients to India for procedures is another good idea in my view – of course, with the necessary safeguards.

In my mind, why stop with medicine? I think there is a good case for outsourcing public services and off-shoring them to India and China, for example; this includes both local and central government – the only exception should be policy areas and areas involved with national security.

Let me turn this to an open question:

Do you think that the UK Conservative Party manifesto, ahead of the next election, should include widespread outsourcing and off-shoring of local and central government services?

Any thoughts?

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  1. This is a non story because the NHS already functions with large numbers of doctors and nurses from India and would cease to function without them.

    Increasing, the numbers would be to continue the practice of more than 40 years.

    On the question of outsourcing, the Government has no choice but to arrange for more of them to be offshored or automated in order to make the costs affordable.

    The NHS management structure needs to be reduced to 4 layers and it needs to be dealing with Adult Social Care currently being handled by Local Authorities.

    What should be offshored, as already happens in Germany, is the Adult Social Care itself, in this case to India where patients /long term Adult Social Care recipients without nearby relatives or any relatives willing to look after them can be looked after for 1/13th of the UK costs.

    The Civil Service needs to stay here, along with IT but be streamlined to 15,000 civil servants, and the IT needs to stay here so that we can protect the data from foreign hackers from China and Russia and now from India which is engaging in cyber warfare of its own in competition with the Chinese.

    We should import overseas best practice from efficiently run countries like Switzerland, Singapore and Germany and choose Ministers and civil servants on the basis of their competence and ability to work in these new ways.

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