A Hard Look at UK Government Policy for the Elderly – John Gelmini

Government spending

Government spending (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

Dr Alf poses an excellent question which it is difficult to answer without understanding where the UK really is economically and in terms of health in the population. Firstly, let me restate his open question following his reblog of the article entitled “Older, healthier and working: Britons say no to retirement“, published in the Observer:

How should Government policy change to give older people a greater chance of working in their later years, addressing issues of skills, competence, stamina and health?

Much is not known to people because they have been fed misinformation and successive Governments have been doing things in secret which, if they were known about, would cause uproar.

The vast majority of the present generation of older people are ill-equipped for the work of the future, unless they are educated or have businesses of their own and reasonable health.

In the past, the Grim Reaper solved the problem because the average British man would work until age 65, receive a gold watch and his old age pension, live for 7.7 years and then die. If they were married, their wives would outlive them by about 6 years. Since then, the rate of medical advance has increased this to about 85 for men and perhaps longer for woman, as life expectancy between men and woman has narrowed to around 4 years. The official figures are deliberately understated as I know from sources within the surveying and polling industry.

Since there has been a fall in UK productivity to 16% below the average for the G7 and only 1.4% growth since 1946, there is no possibility that 50% of our young people will ever work or that many of the over 65s will be able to continue to work in conventional employment. Indeed with a small improvement in productivity, we could have decades of jobless recoveries and a burgeoning pensions bill.

The solution adopted up to now has been to:

–Ration medical care to the over 65s, put carcinogenic chemicals into the environment and foodstuffs, packaging, tinned goods and till rolls, put sugar into food and effectively kill them off by stealth.

As an example the incidence of cancer in 1934 was 1 in 80 and is now 1 in 2.5 today.

–Allow unfettered immigration of people who are more hardworking from Eastern Europe to drive down wage rates and generate enough money to keep these older people who are no longer working and are essentially an economic dead-weight, particularly if they are uneducated,have no savings and live in council houses.

This did not work because the NI fund ran out in 2000, ( I saw the insurance company submissions to Government in 1998 whilst on interim assignment which predicted this).

Much of the drain on the fund was caused by pensions and unemployment benefit paid out during the Thatcher Years up to 1992.

Since the Banking Crisis, we have had falls in Petroleum Revenue Tax due to people driving less and the next generation of smaller fuel-efficient cars.

This money was used along with Lottery monies earmarked for good causes to plug the gap in NHS funding but is insufficient because of the dementia epidemic caused by poor eating habits and the lifestyles people led in their teenage years and the chemicals put into the environment and the food chain in secret to try to stop the present rate of medical advance in its tracks.

In fact the measures to put harmful chemicals and additives into food and the environment, taken by successive Governments under the direction of the Alimentarius Commission have caused another problem which is the Adult Social Care Crisis which in turn threatens local authority funding of County and Unitary Authorities, the London and Metropolitan Boroughs and City Councils.

The Government has been able to live on monies generated by the City of London and secret oil and other revenues from places in certain countries in the Middle East with repressive regimes based on the Arabian Peninsula and where we sell arms from BAE Defence Systems.

The City has been relegated to 2nd place after New York and will soon fall to 4th after Hong Kong and Singapore so still doesn’t have enough money.

The latest wheeze is carbon taxes to plug the gap but without Road Pricing which most people and businesses cannot afford.

These can only be applied by stealth through importing food which is rising in price (VAT on packaging, food miles, ingredients for processed foods ) and on fuel bills (as the climate cools people rack up higher fuel bills there is VAT on those) and if they can afford it they go on holiday(hence rising airport charges and air passenger duties).

Similarly by reducing self-sufficiency in energy we import more fuel and VAT can be extracted from that source.

The price of Lottery tickets has also been doubled as a “belt and braces” voluntary tax on incredibly stupid people or those who have an occasional flutter.

In addition, the education system has been deliberately dumbed down at State level to try to make people easier to control but with the result that many of our people who are now over the age of 65 were unproductive when they were younger and did not create enough wealth to sustain themselves in old age.

This has been compounded by falling productivity and export levels in the official economy and the lack of job readiness in the young.

None of these measures have worked and the Government is hoist with its own petard but cannot and will not come clean because of the political repercussions.


–Create Business Boot camps for the over 50s, displaced from corporate life, and turn them into small business people

–Create Government backed reverse mortgages for those over 65 with sufficient equity in their houses to live on and then get those people to perform voluntary or caring work for charities

–Ship demented and Adult Social Care recipients without relatives to India and other places where they can be looked after for much lower cost

–Create enclaves for older people without money, organised into self sufficient co-operatives in which food would be grown and consumed and retired builders could supervise the erection of comfortable systems built accommodation via Hof Haus on concrete footprints created on edge of town land. The people living there would maintain the hedges and the estate,clean, cook for each other and provide services on a bartering basis which would mean that they would require little or no money except charitable donations.

Through better diet and education about self-care plus the use of Rife machines they could remain self-sufficient, reasonably healthy and most of the time not need doctors with the exception of emergencies.

–Also create Business Boot Camps for school leavers without an academic mindset and get them into self employment at an early stage so that when they are old they can be self-sufficient

These Boot Camps would be paid for by stopping the Barnett Formula, stopping all overseas aid and stopping military adventurism of an unwarranted kind.

John Gelmini

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