Kerry: Use of chemical weapons in Syria “a moral obscenity” – CBS News

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Kerry: Use of chemical weapons in Syria “a moral obscenity” – CBS News.

So it seems that there is mounting evidence that chemical weapons were deployed in Syria last week but so far no evidence that the weapons were deployed by the Assad regime.

Also it’s interesting to focus how little stomach the US people have for US military intervention in Syria.

Meanwhile, this morning Asian shares are jittery on the back of Syrian news and oils prices are moving upwards.

Any thoughts?

via Kerry: Use of chemical weapons in Syria “a moral obscenity” – CBS News.


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  2. Most people in the UK and the USA, Europe and practically everywhere else are heartily sick of war.
    They are also sick of being lied to and having to send their children and young men to fight, die and get maimed in wars which have no purpose but to enrich plutocrats and the Military Industrial Complex including BAE Defence Systems, Lockheed Martin, Grumann Aerospace, Raytheon et al.

    Prior to Vietnam, a war in which 1 million Vietnamese died, 225,000 North Vietnamese ended up as missing in action,58,000 American servicemen died, thousands of acres of land was rendered useless by defoliants, poisons and unexploded bombs, 2,500 American soldiers ended up missing in action we had the “Gulf of Tonkin incident”.

    Decades later, Robert Macnamara, one of the proponents of that war along with Dr Kissinger, admitted that this incident had never happened.

    Before the Iraq War, we were told by messrs Blair, Campbell and Bush that Saddam Hussein had “weapons of mass destruction”, that he represented a threat to us and that he had missiles which could “reach the UK IN 45 minutes”.

    This all turned out to be a lie and the Chilcott enquiry which should have exposed Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell as liars and participants to an illegal war were left free to make as much money as they liked and without any criticism of their actions.

    Tony Blair, for those that can remember, said that not to act would risk “Al Qaida and other forms of terrorism coming together and then threatening us here in the UK”.He said this knowing perfectly well that there was no connection between Al Qaida and Saddam Hussein.The reality is, that acting made us hated throughout the world and has created more terrorists than ever.

    In addition to that the £6.2 billion gbp which Saddam Hussein appropriated during his life was never recovered and still remains with his wife Sajida and what family she has remaining.

    In 2001 we had the Afghan war supposedly to root out terrorists who had caused the Twin Towers to fall during 9/11 in New York. This war was in fact planned in 2000 as part of the Breszinski Doctrine to control Eurasia and was designed to:

    –Establish 15 bases manned by Western mercenaries(XE plus some of our own), as a precursor to invading Russia via its southern border at a future date

    –Capture mineral wealth in the form of copper,lithium and uranium(so far the Chinese are using 350,000 miners to mine lithium and copper worth $6 trillion USD at Aynak after the Americans cleared it of Taliban fighters) in 2011

    –Enable the Turkmenistan oil pipeline to be built

    Then we had Ghaddafi and Libya where through the use of a “humanitarian corridor” we were going to save the lives of 8000 people who Ghaddafi was going to kill.

    Many more lives were lost as the result of the NATO bombing campaign than the 8000 people we supposedly saved,billions of pounds worth of damage was done and the country is now run by Muslim fanatics who have interests counter to our own.

    Today we are told by David Cameron and Francoise Hollande that they want to bomb Syria.
    This is without any credible evidence to show that the Sarin gas attack was committed by Assad and without any strategy to deal with the possible consequences and costs that will ensue.

    General Dempsey, America’s top General has looked at the facts and has argued against precipitous action. His judgement and understanding of war and military matters is sound.We should listen to him, not the siren voices of Cameron, Hollande, Erdogan and others like APAC and the Government of Israel who seem to want a Middle East or wider war that others will have to fight.

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