Sources: West tells opposition that Syria strike coming in days | JPost | Israel News

English: Brasilia - The president of the Syria...

English: Brasilia – The president of the Syrian Arab Republic, Bashar Al-Assad during a visit to Congress Português do Brasil: Brasília – O presidente da República Árabe Síria, Bashar Al-Assad, em visita ao Congresso Nacional (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the Jerusalem Post, strikes against the Assad regime’s target are likely either within the next twenty-four hours or on Saturday to avoid the Muslim sabbath on Friday. This is a MUST READ article. Check it out!

via Sources: West tells opposition that Syria strike coming in days | JPost | Israel News.

It looks like the US, UK and France will intervene without the backing of Russia and China, if necessary.

Any thoughts?

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  3. If they do there will be consequences that we cannot predict or quantify.

    Even if nothing happens immediately, China and Russia will draw a lesson from any action, will remember and make us all pay later.

    The UK is especially vulnerable because of its lack of food and energy capacity and if the limited action of firing Tomahawk cruise missiles fails to bring Bashir Assad to heel, what then?

    Experience teaches us that Western approaches to warfare usually end up in escalation, as happened with military advisors in Vietnam which eventually increased to 1 million men under arms and more bombs dropped on that country than in the whole of World War 2 covering all theatres of military operations.
    Russia’s military strategy is not based on the “High Noon ” concept of gradually increasing military pressure but is rather, based on the “Axe theory”, whereby you choose your most terrifying weapon first and then use it at a time and place your opponent least expects.

    During the Cold War, the old Soviet Union had perfected weather warfare using Tesla technology and Scalar weaponry (See Tom Bearden website) and created the brutal winters of the 1970s with blackouts, brownouts and strikes which the Miners used to win.

    Matters have moved on since then, so we cannot assume that the USA, UK and France will necessarily have it all their own way.

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