If Cameron is ousted as PM, it will be by his own hand – Lord Tebbit – Telegraph Blogs

Norman Tebbit giving a talk for the Edinburgh ...

Norman Tebbit giving a talk for the Edinburgh University Politics Society in Teviot. 10th January 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a MUST READ article from Lord Tebbit in his Telegraph Blog. Check it out!

If Cameron is ousted as PM, it will be by his own hand – Telegraph Blogs.

Personally, I strongly agree with Lord Tebbit,  and would also question David Cameron‘s leadership and judgement across the whole spectrum of Government policy.

For me, if the UK Conservative Party is to regain any credibility, it needs to sack the Conservative Central Office people who are favoring gays and minorities over traditional Tory voters. Also Conservative Party MPs need to reflect very hard in the coming weeks, be brave and replace David Cameron with a political heavy-weight.

Any thoughts?

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  2. I agree David Cameron must be replaced with someone who is a Conservative and not a Metrosexual person who traduces Judeo Christian values, warmongers and sells his own people down the river. and the medical profession.

    We need someone who is not just a heavyweight but a “streetfighter” who promotes this country, galvanises Big Business and focuses with relentless obsession on getting this country to sell its way out of trouble through exports, inward investment and enterprise creation. Whoever the person is they must be strategic thinkers who understand realpolitik and be prepared to:

    –Build the country’s energy capacity through fracking and nuclear power

    –Take on NIMBIES, Druids and enemies of progress

    –Make the Monarchy earn its keep

    –Reform the NHS and merge the NHS and Adult Social Care budgets whilst eliminating duplication

    –Cut the public sector down to size and outsource or offshore non core functions

    –Bring in variable taxes on food

    –Challenge the public on productivity and force them to improve by cutting their holidays until they do

    –Control immigration and over time reduce the UK population to 35 million by encouraging the elderly and others to leave and retire elsewhere

    –Rejoin EFTA and lower taxes

    –Provide automatic citizenship to wealthy inward investors who create jobs for the indigenous population

    –Call Alex Salmond,s bluff and eliminate the Barnett Formula

    –Stop warmongering ,posturing and lecturing others and start emulating those countries which we can and should learn from

    –Cease all overseas aid

    –Build 10.5 million new homes using Hof Haus style systems building and converted shipping containers for Housing Benefit recipients

    –Reward traditional marriage in the tax system and stop making new laws which encourage bizarre and unusual lifestyles, sexual practices and mindsets

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