Syria vote: After Cameron’s Commons humiliation, US snubs Britain and gets cosy with France | Mail Online

UK Independence Party

UK Independence Party (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: William Hague at the U.S. Deptartment...

English: William Hague at the U.S. Deptartment of State (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent, MUST READ, lead article from the Mail Online.

via Syria vote: After Cameron’s Commons humiliation, US snubs Britain and gets cosy with France | Mail Online.

Personally, I agree with the UKIP here, who are calling for the Foreign Secretary, William Haig to resign. Let me cite the mail:

Foreign Secretary William Hague, who last night faced a call from UKIP to resign over the fiasco, was said to be ‘deeply depressed’ about the outcome, the first time since the 18th century that a prime minister had lost a vote on military intervention.

Let’s be clear David Cameron and William Hague have not just soured the special relationship with the US, what about China, Russia, and the European Community?

Of course, it’s not just foreign policy that’s been damaged by poor leadership and judgement in Cameron’s coalition, what about health, defence and the economy? Just take a look at a list of central government departments in the UK, and try to identify successful leadership?

Surely, it’s time for a motion of no confidence in David Cameron’s government, and a general election to clear the air of the bad smell?

Let me turn this to an open question:

Should Labour Party Leader, Ed Milliband challenge David Cameron in Parliament with a motion of no confidence ?

Any thoughts?


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2 responses

  1. Like Dr Alf, I agree with UKIP and hope that the “Men in grey suits” come for Cameron soon and for William Hague soon after that.

    Both of these arrogant and ineffectual men need to be taken out of the equation and made to spend “more time with their families”.

    Unlike Dr Alf, I do not want an election, but rather a replacement for our ineffective Prime Minister,
    possibly Boris Johnson or his very able brother.

    Then I think we need to look at the reasons for all the wars, and the so called “Arc of Crisis” in the Middle East and get to the people in control who create these events in the first place. A good first step would be to cut the Monarchy down to size, stop the process of weekly Prime Ministerial audiences with the Queen (if she really has no power to tell the Prime Minister what to do as the constitutional scholars tell us, then what is the point of them?) and replace them with a quarterly e-mailed report telling her what the Government had done.

    We then need to get on with making the UK self sufficient in energy through nuclear power, wave technology and fracking.

    Druids in the Government need to be sacked and Druids, NIMBIES, Climate Change proponents need to be brought out into the open and exposed as the enemies of progress which they really are.There are a lot of them and they follow a tradition that predates Sir Winston Churchill who became admitted into the order of the Druids in the 1920,s(See :pictures on the internet). Because of their vociferous opposition to roads, economic growth, airports, fracking, machines,cars, computers, 3D printers, nuclear power and factories what they are REALLY against is people.

    Without energy self sufficiency and growth, we will always be reliant on the oil companies which in turn means we will always be on the lookout for new wars and new oil rich countries with regimes we don’t like,to “take down”.

    • John, many thanks for your latest comments.

      We agree that it would be best for the UK if David Cameron and William Hague were replaced.
      Personally, I am not fussy as to how this is precipitated, so long as it is sooner rather than later.

      With regard to the Queen, I may quaint and old-fashioned but I am still pro-monarchy. Also for me, Her Majesty the Queen is probably wise council for inexperienced prime minister’s like David Cameron.

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