Chemical Massacre In Syria: A Former UN Disarmament Commissioner’s View – Social Europe Journal

This is an excellent, MUST READ article bu Paul Schulte, a former UN Disarmament Commissioner. Check it out!

via Chemical Massacre In Syria: A Former UN Disarmament Commissioner’s View.

This is a very balanced viewpoint, in my judgement. Let me share the conclusion:

This is a wicked problem with two principles (often labelled formal legality versus moral legitimacy) in grinding dispute. But under these ugly yet ineluctable circumstances, a default option to do nothing is a far-reaching decision in itself.

Any thoughts?

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  2. Dr Alf says the UN disarmament Commissioner has come up with a very balanced view but we are as yet no nearer to knowing who initiated the Sarin gas attack in Syria.
    Nor are we any nearer to getting balanced treatment for so called war crimes and actual ones over the past 100 years.
    The Germans were the first to use poison gas in World War 1 and were condemned by the British who said they would never use it but were interested in the effectiveness of the new German weapon.
    Britain enthusiastically started to use gas despite our earlier moralistic posturing about the “Beastly Hun”until the Battle of Loos where the wind changed and we gassed our own men en masse.
    Mussolini used poison gas in Abysinnia during the 1930 and Churchill imposed sanctions which resulted in people like my late parents being forced to eat black bread during the Depression years before 1939.
    We used it in the Middle East in the 1920,s against rebellious tribesmen and Churchill wanted to use it in World War 2 against Hitler but was warned not to.
    This warning was not about what would have been a breach of the Treaty which forbids the use of such chemical weapons but about the realpolitik of potential retaliation.
    General Ito and Emperor Hirohito were not tried as war criminals like certain of the Nazis whilst we and the Americans helped Mengele ,Hitler and Bormann escape to South America.
    Hitler,s palatial house in Patagonia is where he and Eva Braun lived until April 1962,the skull in the Berlin Bunker was that of a woman,established by Stalin,s SMERSH at his direct order.
    Instead ,the Americans were interested in the results of General Ito,s work which included using tethered POW,s as targets for gas and biological warfare experiments and seeing how long it took each prisoner to die.
    Agent Orange is a chemical weapon and was used extensively in Vietnam which ended in 1976, where to this day babies are born deformed and land which once used to grow crops is still being reclaimed.
    In Falluja in Iraq the Americans used White Phosphorous which the Geneva Convention says must not be used in civilian areas but can be used for clearing brush and dense undergrowth in an open battlefield situation which is not built up or populated.
    Israel used White Phosphorus in Gaza a densely built up area and thus committed war crimes but for some reason they are condemned a lot less than other people.
    During the Iraq war we used depleted uranium shells which when combined with other chemicals ,possibly released by our bombing,caused Gulf War syndrome which affected Coalition troops and Iraqis alike.
    What this little trip down memory lane shows is that when it suits us we use chemical and biological weapons and in fact we are making and storing them at Porton Down near Salisbury to this day.
    America has a similar facility at Fort Detrick and is even reputed to have made a bio ethnic weapon which only kills non white people.
    We are presumably doing this purely for defensive purposes and would never use any of our stockpiles of these weapons because we would not want to breach the Treaty we have signed up to or be guilty at some date in the future of committing a war crime?
    The reality of the civil war there is that we ,America,France,Turkey and Saudi Arabia and Qatar want to topple Iran and to do that we have to remove Syria first.
    We are already involved in that war using special forces and probably mercenaries doing our bidding at arms length, but are losing to Assad and his Iranian proxies.
    The Sarin Gas attack provides a “red line” for America and would have done for us but people are tired of wars without end and risking the lives of our young men for no good reason.
    For once Cameron and the Westminster elite were given a drubbing and rightly so,but I am under no illusion that they will simply forget what happened.
    They will instead,go away and find a means to get their way through stealth and subterfuge.

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