The wisdom of the Chinese view on Western intervention in Syria – John Gelmini

Dr Alf poses a question and mentions that the position taken by the People’s Daily On Line is probably that of the Chinese Government.

I agree with him but looking at the arguments on their merits I cannot disagree with anything in that article.

To begin with, the majority of sane people in the world and in this country (UK) also think that attacking Syria would be unwise so it is not just the view of the Chinese Government.

What would such an attack actually achieve?

1) If it failed, Assad would remain in power and go on winning whilst millions more refugees would leave Syria either to wander around in some sort of impoverished diaspora or ending up in other countries at their and possibly our cost

2) It would provoke retaliation from Russia and China and lead to a wider Middle East War, further driving up oil supply costs (currently $150 USD per barrel) and causing the West to plunge back into recession

3) It would strengthen Al Nusra a front for Al Qaeda which is a militant Islamic sect funded by Wahibi‘s in Saudi Arabia who want a global Caliphate.This is not in our interests.

4) If Assad was toppled, then we have no guarantee that whoever succeeded him would be any better or more appreciative of our interests

5) If the conflict escalated after Assad defended himself, Turkey might attack Syria in an effort to gain EU membership.

This would create World War 3 which cannot be in anyone’s interests.

People are frankly sick and tired of being told that there is no money, that austerity has to continue and that their sons must be sent to fight wars in distant places when there is no strategy, no discernible endgame and no reason to fight in the first place.

Lord Howard, Lord Rifkind and the old Special Boat Squadron operative, Lord Ashdown need to go back to the House of Lords, save their crocodile tears, stop warmongering or trying to get Cameron to reverse one of the very few correct decisions he has made.

Those behind the scenes who instructed these 3 ageing peers to reopen the case for war need to think again very carefully because what they visit on others will not leave them immune to the consequences.

John Gelmini

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Experts: US unwise to wage war on Assad – People’s Daily Online

English: Logo of the People's Daily 中文: 人民日报题字

English: Logo of the People’s Daily 中文: 人民日报题字 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This is currently the most popular article published by China’s People’s Daily Online. It’s a RECOMMENDED READ,in my view. Check it out!


via Experts: US unwise to wage war on Assad – People’s Daily Online.


It is important to remember that the People’s Daily Online is an organ of the Chinese Communist Party, and represents a semi-official viewpoint of the government.


This straight-forward article argues that Obama is in tough, probably no-win situation.


Any thoughts?



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