A hard look at the chaos of the UK’s borders – John Gelmini

Dr Alf poses interesting questions but the reality is this is not news.

E-Borders was supposed to count people in and out of the UK but it was never fully implemented and successive Governments have failed to put in the money required.

The Treasury gave the game away when it said that even more immigrants were needed to pay for the UK’s ageing population.

This is because the productivity levels of the indigenous population and their work ethic and skills are not up to the mark (48% corporate sector productivity and 32% for the bloated public sector), do not cut it and leave the UK 16% behind the average for the G7.

We export too little, the City was overtaken by New York which is the world’s premier financial center, our taxes are too high resulting in trillions being held offshore and evaded here.

Our trade gap which has been there since 1982 is wider than ever.

The Government has done nothing to reform the NI system which has 19 million spare numbers which can be bought in pubs for a few hundred pounds along with complete sets of fake documentation from places like the rogue mosques and on criminal websites like Confidential Access and others which have sprung up since its closure by the police.

The question is why?

It is clear to me that with 4.5 million illegal immigrants plus 250,000 coming in each year that someone is turning a blind eye and is allowing this to happen.

We have 6 major ports and Ferry terminals in this country, Felixstowe, Harwich, Liverpool, Southampton, Portsmouth and London plus smaller ports.

The money to fund a coastal protection vessel is not there yet we can afford £12 billion gbp in overseas aid and £35 billion gbp in Barnett Formula transfer payments from England to the Celtic fringe.

Some Government Minister made the decision about that and the coastal protection vessel, presumably on the advice of a Civil Service Mandarin?

The police in 40 years seem not to have been able to make a dent in this problem but are able to send traffic policemen to create ANPR checkpoints to monitor ordinary citizens in places like Royston, Hertfordshire, a sleepy market town near where I live.

Who gave these Chief Constables their policing priorities if not the Home Office and who in turn advised the various Home Secretaries if not other Civil Service Mandarins?

Dr Alf says he has worked with these civil servants and attests to their intelligence yet this sort of thing goes on an industrial scale with the police seemingly blind or looking the other way, the coastal protection vessel withdrawn, the Home Office Border Patrol staff now re subsumed back into a Department which is still not fit for purpose and all without proper explanation.

One might be forgiven for thinking that the process was deliberate and a means to fund old people,get menial work done that the indigenous population refuses to do and drive wages down.

Dr Alf asks why austerity cuts have not been risk assessed.

The answer is that neither the civil servants nor Government Ministers know enough about the realities of the lives of ordinary people to even recognize what the risks are,let alone assess their impact.

Dr Alf’s second question about the Labour Party failing to hold the Government to account has a simple answer which is that they have pursued the same pro immigration policy to the point where David Blunkett, himself a Home Secretary said that “He could see no logical upper limit to the scale of immigration into the UK”.

John Gelmini

English: David Blunkett

English: David Blunkett (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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