Some personal thoughts on integrity and telling the truth – John Gelmini

Dr Alf’s question creates another, which is “How much truth can the average member of the public actually handle” even assuming they had all the facts at their disposal with which to evaluate the truth and take action or not as the case may be.

Today’s “truth” is a bit like Bishop Tallyrand’s “treachery” which he said was a matter of dates.

Every 10 years or so, the amount of knowledge in the world triples and the rate of this growth is accelerating at the same time as Charles Saatchi says people’s attention span has dropped to practically zero unless it is to see if their winning lottery numbers have come up or Simon Cowell has discovered them or one of their offspring on X- Factor.

Television, the application of Sigil Magic in films, the use of shapes and symbols and the fact that our education system at State level is 44th in the world, and turning out people(about 20%) who cannot think critically, cannot read, cannot write and have not the slightest idea of right wrong, history, precedent, consequences flowing from actions is partially responsible for this.

What is more worrying is politicians, top business-people, the police, bankers, directors of insurance companies, heads of the NHS, middle managers and others who should know better lying through their teeth, dissembling, stealing, embezzling, plundering and trying as best they can to convince people that “black is white”, that they are blameless and that it was the fault of someone else.

We saw this with the Hutton enquiry where we were asked to believe that Dr Kelley shot himself from the front with his own gun when there were no fingerprints.

We saw it again with Chilcott and Tony Blair and his non-existent “weapons of mass destruction” and we saw it with the expenses scandal where just 6 people went to jail when hundreds of MPs and Peers of the Realm were guilty of theft,embezzlement and skullduggery.

We see it with rewards for failure when we are told that Times 1000 directors need £7.4 million gbp a year including their emoluments to remain motivated and committed to “running their companies” and “creating shareholder value” whereas the great unwashed are lucky to keep their jobs.

Nor can we rely on official statistics for crime, unemployment, population, illegal immigration, drug addiction, the incidence of clinical depression, the housing shortage, our defense capabilities, where the banking bailout money went or how much of our taxes are actually spent on the things that they were supposed to be spent on and how much remains unaccounted for.

With priests and “men of the cloth”, we find that their Judaeo Christian values are lost when they are caught in incidents of child abuse and the Papacy and other religious authorities cover it up. With Dr Rowan Williams the former Archbishop of Canterbury whose salary the public pays through taxation and the COEs charitable status, we found him promoting Sharia Law and closet Druidry when in fact his job is to lead the Anglican faith in the UK and the rest of the world.

Unsurprisingly, the public are mistrustful and are in many cases becoming dishonest themselves, reasoning that if those at the top do it on a big scale they will do it on a more modest one.

The case that Dr Alf relates about psychiatrists and nurses lying to dementia patients is more problematic as my sister and I found when my late father had a stroke and became demented while we looked after him for 3 years. Sometimes, he would imagine that someone was in the room and was bothering him. To placate him, we would pretend to admonish this person and send them out of the house so that my late father could remain tranquil. On other occasions, my late father would relive episodes in his childhood in Italy and at other times past and present or recent past would be mixed up into a seamless whole.


This is achievable but only if we teach philosophy to the young using competent teachers who in their daily lives practice honesty and understand the difference between right and wrong.

With adults, I think the contagion has gone too far, and short of 70 million Damascene conversions in the UK, all we can do is root out the liars and punish those who we catch engaged in criminality in an effort to make everyone else pause to reflect.

John Gelmini

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