The UK and the new geopolitical reality – John Gelmini

Dr Alf talks about Western interests that have been weakened by bickering, but bickering is only part of the problem.

For years now, the West and, in particular, the UK, has been complacent in terms of how long it would take China to catch up technologically and their lack of English skills.

Our razor sharp brained UK Civil Service Mandarins thought the process was going to take 20 years for the first issue and decades for the second.

By one means or another, including the use of at least 4 million cyber warriors in the PLA,
650 million Chinese are not only learning English but are being trained by Carnegie Mellon in software development in English as well.


For some time now, the West in the shape of Pentagon planners and our own UK military has developed a “containment strategy” for China and Russia including a missile shield an enlarged NATO, 15 secret bases in Afghanistan, enhanced weather warfare capabilities, space based weaponry and in the case of Russia and China, stirring up their Muslim populations in the Caucasus/parts of China and pushing for Tibetan independence which would effectively split the country.

Air Sea Battle envisages an alliance of all Western countries in NATO using air power to overwhelm Southern China, invasion of Russia through Afghanistan, space based weapons to destroy troop concentrations and an anti missile shield to enable the West to strike first but blunt any counterattack.

At sea, the West’s carrier fleets are designed to project power, bottle up shipping and attack from a safe distance with cruise missiles.

Russia and China are co-operating to overcome the missile shield with improved missiles, have developed their own weather warfare capabilities and are in the case of China developing new relations with Mexico, Central America, Africa and the non aligned world. They are co-operating on weapons development although Russia keeps the very latest weapons systems for itself and has developed a new range of powerful thermobaric weapons with as much explosive power as a nuclear bomb.

As we run our UK military down to 100,000 for the entire Tri-Forces, Russia and China are modernizing their forces, adding robots which can fight, storm buildings and creating missiles capable of knocking military satellites down in space and taking out aircraft carriers.

America is doing the same via “Black budgets” but Europe, other than Germany, has no money to improve defense so in the long term the Air Sea Battle concept is going to be overtaken by events.

The fact that one knows what someone else is doing eliminates the element of surprise as is already the case with Syria.


In the end, this is the only way because with 7 billion of us and more people living in cities applying the Malthusian doctrine as many have suggested publicly (“If I could come back again after my death it would be as a deadly virus, the biggest environmental problem we face is people”–Prince Philip in one of his rare outbursts of candour) would ensure destruction for us all.

This does not imply kowtowing but it does mean engagement, hard nosed negotiation and a sensible approach which looks at what our respective peoples are good at and then arriving at a situation where we work together to solve problems and improve our prosperity.

It also implies that when dealing with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, we need to field better negotiators and cleverer people than we have done up to now because from where I sit, the Chinese are right to see most Western leaders, other than perhaps Angela Merkel, a former nuclear physicist and East European, as “Children playing in a sandpit”. In addition, as Dr Alf points out, in the eyes of China and Russia, the West is weakened by constant bickering.

John Gelmini

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