My top twelve blogs – last week

I thought that it would be interesting to share my top twelve blogs for last weeks (ranked by highest number of hits first):

  1. Syria – Hit him hard – Economist lead: An alternative view – John Gelmini
  2. Syria – Hit him hard – Economist lead
  3. Malaysia travel: What to do in the Cameron Highlands | CNN Travel
  4. Teachers in England to strike over pay and pensions | Education |
  5. Self-serving posturing over Syria Posted by Melanie Phillips
  6. How to Outsource UK State Schools effectively
  7. The wisdom of the Chinese view on Western intervention in Syria – John Gelmini
  8. Some thoughts on the UK, Empire and geopolitical reality – John Gelmini
  9. Half of high street retailers in danger of closing down – Telegraph
  10. Syria, the “red line”  and morality: Some wider reflections – John Gelmini
  11. Poor white children fall further behind: Benefits culture is blamed for failures at school | Mail Online
  12. Britain’s borders in chaos: How terrorist warning system doesn’t work, millions of passengers go unchecked and staff are too frightened to blow the whistle | Mail Online
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