BBC News – UK economy is turning corner, George Osborne says

This is major news, with George Osborne in full crowing form. The media is naturally reporting the story in full. See the BBC article below which is a RECOMMENDED READ. Check it out!

via BBC News – UK economy is turning corner, George Osborne says.

Of course, with the hard realities of austerity policies for the last three years, the British public are sceptical and by and large don’t believe in fairies.

When George Osborne tweeted the link to his speech, he got some pretty Anglo-Saxon responses.

Let me turn this to an open question:

What should George Osborne do now to broaden the thrust for growth?

Any thoughts?

Israel fears being left alone to counter Iran nuclear programme –

This article is WELL WORTH A READ.

Israel is rightly concerned about the strategic challenge of Iranian nuclear weapons, so Israeli citizens will be concerned about US resolve over Syria which is in effect a proxy for Iran.

Any thoughts?

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Israel fears being left alone to counter Iran nuclear programme –

Lack of US resolve on Syria chemical weapons sets a bad precedent

When Barack Obama visited Israel in March, he made a speech in Jerusalem – virtuosic in parts and cloying in others – meant to endear him to an Israeli public which felt it neither knew nor trusted him much.

Atem lo levad (“You are not alone”), the US president intoned in American-accented Hebrew, channelling the same spirit of solidarity that John F. Kennedy invoked when he declared “Ich bin ein Berliner” in blockaded West Berlin in 1963.

Israelis are now recalling Mr Obama’s speech ruefully after his decision to refer any military action against Syria to Congress. Asked afterwards about how the decision made them feel, many offered up this word: “alone”.

Their worry is not that Israel is being…

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