Israel fears being left alone to counter Iran nuclear programme –

This article is WELL WORTH A READ.

Israel is rightly concerned about the strategic challenge of Iranian nuclear weapons, so Israeli citizens will be concerned about US resolve over Syria which is in effect a proxy for Iran.

Any thoughts?

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Israel fears being left alone to counter Iran nuclear programme –

Lack of US resolve on Syria chemical weapons sets a bad precedent

When Barack Obama visited Israel in March, he made a speech in Jerusalem – virtuosic in parts and cloying in others – meant to endear him to an Israeli public which felt it neither knew nor trusted him much.

Atem lo levad (“You are not alone”), the US president intoned in American-accented Hebrew, channelling the same spirit of solidarity that John F. Kennedy invoked when he declared “Ich bin ein Berliner” in blockaded West Berlin in 1963.

Israelis are now recalling Mr Obama’s speech ruefully after his decision to refer any military action against Syria to Congress. Asked afterwards about how the decision made them feel, many offered up this word: “alone”.

Their worry is not that Israel is being…

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  2. Israel fears Iran’s nuclear program because of the misinterpretation of the former Iranian President’s Arminajad’s words in Farsi.

    Israel’s Government claims he said that he wanted to “Wipe Israel off the face of the earth” whereas in reality, Arminajad was referring to the Israeli regime which he thought would pass away in the fullness of time.

    The Iranian nuclear plants are buried in several mountains and without very powerful thermobaric weapons no-one can destroy them. America has weapons of that magnitude but Israel does not.
    Therefore there is no realistic prospect of “Israel going it alone”.

    America, whose foreign policy, some believe, often seems to be made in Jerusalem in order to gain Jewish votes at American elections, would have to help Israel and attacking Iran would create a wider war.
    This in turn, would risk bringing in Russia and China which is what the authors of the PNAC website state quite openly that they want.

    • John,

      Thanks for your comment. I believe that ideally the UN should hold Iran to account on the development of nuclear weapons. I also think that Israel is right to fear Iran as a threat; look at the evidence of Iranian sponsored terror attacks against Israel.

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