Future of primary care – Speeches – GOV.UK

This is an excellent draft speech by Jeremy Hunt, the UK’s Secretary of State for Health. It’s a MUST READ. Check it out!

via Future of primary care – Speeches – GOV.UK.

In my view, this is a fine speech and is sensitive to the issues. It’s uses the right language and talks about four years of transformation.

As a former transformation specialist, I am a little worried that the proposal has been properly risked assessed and costed. 

Any thoughts?

Center for primary care

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Critique of Pravda article accusing Obama of being worst US President – John Gelmini

Dr Alf questions whether Pravda is right to cast President Obama as America’s worst President.

Some Americans, from fundamentalist Christian sects, even describe him as the AntiChrist; businesses say that he is an economic illiterate, saddling them with unnecessary healthcare costs, and others say he is taking away everyone’s freedom and turning America into a surveillance state.

Whilst some of the things he does disturb me, the criticisms are excessive and the truth much more boring since a lot of the same criticisms could be leveled at politicians everywhere.

What do we know about President Obama?

We know that he is weak, vacillating, a man who over analyses, over promises and someone who can make good speeches with soaring rhetoric that does not match delivery.

We know from analysis of his speeches and mannerisms that he has been intensively trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and other psychological techniques to win over divergent audiences of people and get them to vote for him.

We know that he is overshadowed by his wife, from her words and her body language but that puts him in the same position as millions of men throughout the world who to quote the film the Godfather, “Have a ring through their noses” and are happy to go along with that state of affairs.

He is also not in complete control as the CFR tells him as it tells all Presidents since its inception, what to do. He inherited the problems of the financial crisis which were not down to him but were down to those above the bankers who stole the money out of the system and in fairness he has tried to improve the situation within the limits of his power.

He is not by any means the worst President that America has ever had if you compare him to say Lyndon Johnson or even the Bible punching and hand wringing Jimmy Carter of whom Ronald Reagan said during a televised debate “There you go again” in a chiding but fatherly voice.

Certainly there have been more effective communicators at an ordinary level, such as Ronald Reagan who could speak to working people and take action decisively as he did in Grenada and with the PATCO air traffic controllers union whose striking workers he replaced initially with military controllers and then with brand new people.

That Obama has a patrician air about him, that he holidays too much when he should be working, that he cares little for “little people” one can take as a given.

His policy towards the rise of China and his negotiating ability with them is suspect because it is ineffective and to quote Donald Trump the “Chinese are eating America’s and the West’s lunch”.

Where he was born and his early life are an enigma although the Foreign Minister of Kenya and his grandmother seem to have no doubts.

What President Obama is, is a “place-man” being controlled by others. He is average, not really suited for the job he is doing and probably belongs in a law firm, where his temperament and training would better fit what he is actually good at.

Pravda is usually more thoughtful and better considered in its articles than this over the top piece.

John Gelmini

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