The UK’s best role in Hong Kong elections – John Gelmini

The UK should not comment about the election in Hong Kong until it is over.Then at the point when the overall winner is announced and the position of the Chinese Government is known about the winner, the UK Government should congratulate the winner.

David Cameron should be the one to do the congratulating and the Queen needs to be seen to invite the winner and the Chinese President to Buckingham Palace at a sensible future date.

UKTI in its role to build trade with China should employ more Chinese graduates as business advisors/liaison people in this country and each of the LEPS should do the same rather than just employing people from the indigenous population (more dead white male and female syndrome). I have tried to make the case for this in my local LEP and in others but the rampant parochialism and polite racism is all too visible so these organisations and the local authorities which effectively control them need to be directed to take this action by Central Government.

Dr Alf is right to say that the UK’s focus needs to be on the future and with properly considered engagement, rather than attempts to lecture people by David Cameron who the Chinese do not rate and the British public need at the earliest opportunity, to replace.

John Gelmini

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