BBC NEWS | UK | Attenborough warns on population

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This is an important, MUST READ article from the BBC. Check it out!

BBC NEWS | UK | Attenborough warns on population.

Any comments?


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  2. David Attenborough as head of the Optimum Population Trust is propagating the Malthusian Doctrine which said that the earth could only support 1 billion people.

    He is in distinguished company.

    Bill and Melinda Gates want to vaccinate people in Africa and the 3rd world to reduce the population by preventing diseases which encourage parents to have overly large families.

    Professor John Holdren, President Obama’s Chief Scientific Advisor calls for a range a draconian measures to reduce the global population to 1 billion people in a book which is freely available.

    Prince Philip has been quoted publicly as saying that “After my death I would like to come back as a deadly virus because the biggest environmental problem is people”.

    People may also recall Professor James Lovelock, the promoter of GAIIA Theory (mother earth goddess worship and quasi Druidism dressed up to sound like something new), saying that unless the population was reduced and “Global Warming” from man made sources stopped, then GAIIA “would take her revenge” by making the planet inhospitable to humans and thus kill them off.

    Paul Erlich, an American writer, wrote a book called the “Population Bomb” which essentially called for something similar.

    Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” set out the thinking of the Committee of 300 who for all the years since their inception out of the British East India Company when it was called the Council of 300, have called for the earth’s population to be reduced to 1 billion people.

    Malthus did not know about farming technology, GM foods, vertical farming, modern fertilizers and self replicating machines and he didn’t know about robotic farming. So his estimate of the capacity of the earth to feed its population was based on the available knowledge of that time. Clearly, events have moved on to the point where the issue is food distribution and farming methods, all of which are more than capable of feeding everybody.

    The problem is in the grossly uneven distribution of wealth, where a tiny plutocracy are worth billions whilst large numbers of people live in grinding poverty and the gap is widening by the day.

    Where I agree with David Attenborough is with the cessation of food aid. The cessation of all aid to other countries should be stopped until our own financial affairs are in order. Food and other aid simply creates dependence on donor countries and encourages them to not bother to raise their game to deal with their own issues.

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